Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: August 2013

By Suzanne Wagner

Seeing new, better answers.
—by Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Receptivity, Integration, Patience
Medicine Cards: Deer, Mouse, Blank Shield
Mayan Oracle: Men, Chuen
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Cups, Five of Wands, Nine of Disks
Aleister Crowley Deck: Adjustment, Ace of Disks, Sorrow
Healing Earth Tarot: Five of Wands, Grandfather of Shields, Grandmother of Crystals
Words of Truth: Sobriety, Feeling, Powerless

This month seems to swing between extremes. My guess is that it will include some very wild weather patterns. It will also see the surfacing of deeply suppressed feelings in the global sector. For some, this will create political drama and a fed-up citizenry. It can also trigger a wave of change and inspire new ways of dealing with old situations. Where you’re located on Earth makes a difference right now with this energy pattern.

The US was born on July 4, making us a Cancer country. As Jupiter, an abundantly positive influence, is in Cancer and exalted in Cancer for the next year, I feel the shifts are into expansion and a better balance in the financial area. That is a relief for many who have been struggling these past years. There is a feeling of, “Okay, let’s do this!”

We have cautiously made it through the field of landmines and booby traps. There is a sensation that movement is the way and now is the time. This month, we realize that what went around is beginning to come around. We’re not completely out of the woods but we can begin to see that the landscape of our reality is changing. Instead of feeling deep in the dark forest of life. there is light coming in, the insurmountable mountains are becoming only hills, and the trail seems to be a bit less rocky.

The name of the game is attention to detail and learning to do things in a gentle way rather than to push. Perhaps it is that steamy heat. You cannot push in these moments. Instead, cultivate a desire to stay open, be patient, and know that it takes time to integrate.

Try to remember that others are on their own edges and it is probably best to not push unless you are prepared for a pushback. Maintaining balance and a graceful, trusting external composure is essential this month.

You may not feel as if you know the way, but you can sense possibilities that may have not previously been there. It can take some time for the emotional patterns to unravel the reality of the past five years but it has begun. Relief is replacing resentment. Energy is replacing exhaustion. Drive is replacing depression.

What could you become? How will you know if you do not try? You have been waiting for a sign and this might just be the one you are looking for.

You are capable of so much. Often the first step is to reclaim our native enthusiasm regarding life.

Close your eyes. What inspires you? What dreams motivate your heart? Follow that thread. You may not end up where you think but you will find something more amazing: your strength, passion and ability to overcome. It will be worth the effort.

Have a wonderful month.

This article was originally published on July 30, 2013.