Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month: April 2013

By Suzanne Wagner

Breaking free from constriction and density.
—by Suzanne Wagner


Osho Zen Tarot: Turning In, Exhaustion, Comparison

Medicine Cards: Fox, Blank Shield, Mountain Lion

Mayan Oracle: Complex Stability, Imix, Manik

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Four of Cups, The Wheel of Fortune, Justice

Aleister Crowley Deck: Science, Knight of Swords, The Star

Healing Earth Tarot: Wise Old Woman, Seven of Pipes, Temperance

Words of Truth: Synergy, Beginning, Impeccability

If you are not feeling a kickstart to your engine or like you’re being shoved through a door, then you must be fast asleep, or perhaps lost in the delusion of Neptune in Pisces.

The last time we had this many planets in Aries was April/May of 2011. Egypt was erupting and thus began the governmental transformations in the Middle East. We had also just had the earthquake in Japan and the nuclear incident, and there was the saber-rattling in North Korea.

When you get five Gods of War (Aries) all together, change happens. Aries is a lot of power. That energy wants revolution and revelation, movement, changes in communication, and the end to exhaustion. This is something that we all need as we move out of winter into spring. With these aspects, spring has sprung. This will make us feel more assertive and focused. We may not know where we are going but we know that we are going. This energy will give us passion and determination to follow through.

We will become more willing to investigate options that allow for greater freedom and happiness individually. New ideas and new projects are emerging. You know you are on you way into another domain. We’re aware that the old way is no longer working and realize that in this moment the patterns from the past do not serve us in navigating the future. We are all seeking the leader within us who will be bold and allow us to move forward into the unknown with enthusiasm and courage.

Just as this energy offers a huge incentive to leap forward this month, be aware that you might want to write all those lovely plans in pencil. Have an eraser handy; nothing is set in stone. If the last five years have taught us anything, it should be that it’s not about where you are going but how you are getting there. We are no longer in a world of beginnings, middles and ends; we are in a world of process where things are constantly changing. Where you are going is less important than your integrity, character, honesty and sincerity.

April is the month of shape shifting, morphing, and transformation. So let the energy of Aries blow open that doorway into the new you. You are birthing something. You have the enthusiasm and faith to allow it to happen smoothly. You can finally feel the flow and movement. Let that excitement move you out of the emotional drama from the early part of March and allow you to feel active in your own creation once again.

It is Spring! It is time to start, learn, open, and plant seeds. There is only this moment right now. Let that feeling spur you to make that gutsy leap. Where do you really want to go?

Try to not compare yourself to others. That is a pointless endeavor. You are making a pathway that is perfect for your karmas, kinks, twists, gifts and purpose. Allow everyone else to also have that right. Support each other in stretching out of the normal and give permission for each person to find what is the new, natural way for them.

When you are in alignment with the moment, balance is easy and flow happens organically. Stop hiding your light. April is the month to roar and step forward into the world that you are choosing to create. When you do that with impeccability, integrity and honesty, what you create not only feels divine to you but it can also give permission for others to find their truth and path as well.

Let yourself be a raw clay for the universe to mold, color and shape. Move toward what is synergistic and emotionally aligned with your soul. Then you cannot go wrong. You will find a renewed vigor, vitality, wisdom and certainty.

A Grand Trine in Water June 25th will allow us to finally break free of some of the constriction and density that has been plaguing us for so many years. In April, we should feel like a seed that is ready to burst forth into the light after a long cold winter. That seed is full of promise, hope, inspiration, willingness, and is open to all the possibilities.

This can be a wonderful month. Feel the wave of warmth and change wash over you and everyone else. Together we can enthusiastically move together as one. We can be the change that inspires the world.

This article was originally published on March 29, 2013.