Metaphors, Regulars and Shorts

Metaphors for the Month

By Suzanne Wagner

There are times to be safe. Now is not that time.
–by Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Stress, Existence
Medicine Cards: Blank Shield, Horse
Mayan Oracle: Tranformer, IX
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Eight of Swords, King of Swords
Aleister Crowley Deck: Ruin, Happiness, Prince of Disks
Healing Earth Tarot: Four of Pipes, Six of Shields, Temperance
Words of Truth: Expansion, Authenticity, Mastery

April starts with a Libra Lunar Eclipse on the 4th. Libra is all about relationships. Emotional challenges, memories long buried, are surfacing. There are moments when you know you’re at an impasse: You can’t go forward but you can’t go back, either. There may seem to be no way around a particular situation.

But there is.

You wil be required to do something unexpected, something different, and something outside your usual box of tricks. This can be that moment when your past no longer holds you back: An unswerving determination to see something through will clear the picture of chaos and stress.

This month you have no time for feeling reflective or muddle-headed. It is time to choose. No more excuses. You have the power, once you decide that you have the power.

Magic happens when you claim it.

Vision happens when you sit in quiet acceptance and ask to see the truth.

Wisdom happens when you embrace your beneficial use of will.

You are magic and magic is your birthright, but your presence in the here and now is what allows it to happen.

You are the answer to the questions you seek. Examine your motivations and actions. What causes you to respond to certain situations? Does that response work? Is it time to try something else?

When you believe in yourself, your energy naturally expands because you give permission to your essence to take up space and to include more of who you are in the external world. There are times to be safe. Now is not that time. Let go of whatever apron strings you are still hanging on to and become powerfully autonomous and accountable.

When you act with integrity, things do not always go smoothly. But at the end of the day your integrity will carry you through. If it is right, your heart knows. If it is right and you act in alignment with that, then you know that even if the universe takes you out of the game, you still have your honor intact.

That is very important this month.

Do not act from a place of wanting another’s approval, for you may not get it. When you know the truth in your heart, regardless of circumstances, you will always find the way.

Real magic manifests when you understand that the transparent power of the magician reveals the light of the will of the Divine. Let go of what you think and bend to the power of the will of a force much greater than you. Let your spirit become the window that shines the light for all to see. In that surrender there is no you, only a force of love so bright that it heals all who see it.

Expansion is possible, authenticity is what you are seeking, and mastery is the result when you accept all of who you are in this moment. Be gentle with yourself. Take time to go to healers and get the energy that will help you shift. You may feel battle weary, but are still awake and willing to discover the hidden potential power lurking in the shadows.

In the present you will find groundedness if you ask for it. Look into the eyes of others; and I mean really look. Let them see all of you and let yourself see all of them. Join energy through the eyes and exchange the wisdom and understanding that comes from whole souls meeting. This will give you what you need to open. u

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She now lives in California, but visits Utah for classes and readings frequently.

This article was originally published on March 28, 2015.