Metaphors for the month

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  New Vision, Integration, Master

Medicine Cards: Badger, Butterfly, Frog

Mayan Oracle: Cib, Manifestation, Rhythm

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Seven of Swords, Six of Swords, Seven of Cups

Aleister Crowley Deck: Gain, The Star, Strength, Disappointment, Indolence

Healing Earth Tarot: Five of Crystals, Woman of Wands, Ace of Feathers

Words of Truth: Healing, Hatred, Feeling


March madness! That just might be an understatement. As Mercury goes retrograde on March 5 in Pisces, expect miscommunications in media, causing more confusion, and people leaping to conclusions.

Many so-called spiritual leaders will fall off their high horses in March, as masses of people notice when someone’s words and actions do not match. Expect even more shocking illuminations along the same line in July.

On March 6-7, Uranus finally leaves Aries and moves into Taurus, where it will stay for the next seven years. Uranus shifting signs is a big deal. After all, the planets are always in motion but the signs, for the most part, remain steady.

Over the past seven years, Uranus focused the energy of Aries and the obsession with the self, making everyone suddenly an expert in areas that they have no discernment, education, or clarity regarding. It promoted totalitarianism, the Islamic Revolution, and the insanity of those who want to be monarchs. It helped the rich get even richer, the middle class to suffer, and the poverty level to worsen.

Uranus going into Taurus for the long haul may make ownership (a Taurus conception) of land and property go through a fundamental change in perception as it did 84 years ago, just before World War II. Uranus likes to blow things up and in Taurus, it tends to want to blow up money systems, stock markets, banks and real estate.

Perhaps it will cause people to learn how to live on less and need smaller homes. Perhaps it will let people find freedom in not having big mortgages over their head. Others may want security that is no longer afforded them because of the changes in the world.

Just remember that Uranus does not do anything small. I expect a ruckus to begin in March and continue for quite a while. Pay off your credit cards, stay on top of your bills, simplify, and don’t take on financial burdens that you can’t confidently handle.

The cards ask how we can heal the rampant hatred emerging from the gutters of humanity’s consciousness. Clearly there will be no short and sweet answer. This astrology is frozen in the winter signs. It can take a long time for hurt to thaw and honest conversations to happen.

The cards also point to the fact that most people do not have roots. Moving without those roots make you insecure and unsure. Your heart grabs at externalities for security. But those things are never really secure.

The integrative experiences of life allow you to feel connected and whole. But first you must know your own heart. That allows you to belong and to know where your connection to this world comes from. In owning your power, you face the peril of aloneness.

Right now the world is filled  with images of self-proclaimed masters and leaders. But mastery is not about mastery over others.  It is about having mastery over oneself. One who cannot control oneself controls others through manipulation, shame, lies, fear, guilt and threats.

This month, take a look at yourself. Where do you live your truth?

Truth cannot be taught. There is no way to teach it. It is something beyond words. It is a pure transmission of consciousness. Truth  stands strong against the fires of chaos and destruction. Truth provokes a longing within that allows a person to grow beyond what they know and into the potential within their own soul.

You gain strength from having hope and from using that hope to move past your human indulgences, disappointments and neediness and into the higher vibrations of your potential.

May this month open your mind, allow you to see and integrate truth, and reclaim real hope.


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This article was originally published on February 28, 2019.