Metaphors for the month

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  Flowering, Traveling, Trust

Medicine Cards: Spider, Lynx, Crow

Mayan Oracle: Ben, Realm Shift, Universal Movement

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The Empress, The Devil, Princess of Swords

Aleister Crowley Deck: Queen of Cups, Strength, The Hanged Man

Healing Earth Tarot: Three of Shields, Woman of Crystals, Four of Pipes

Words of Truth: Ease, Boundaries, Competition


W e are expanding. Many of the cards reflect the unknown, calling to us to take a leap of faith. In the intuitive and creative self, we see the threads of a web reaching out beyond this reality into the blackness of a new world being created.

You are in a fire walk of love this month. You will feel like you are standing near the red, hot coals. From your old mind and reality, stepping on the coals is a very bad idea. From another, spiritual angle of perception, we see how the ego has shaped and controlled the development of this world. What would the world look like if our hearts grew receptors for conscious connection?

In truth, there is no other decent option. Life requires us to change and adapt. But knowing how to approach a situation is as important as finding a solution to the problem.

We can find ways to pursue our objectives without standing on the backs of others. Culturally we need to learn to take risks and reach beyond our stories and historic references—and somehow remain virtuous, honorable and in alignment with sacred law.

It can be done. And it will take the most inventive and creative minds coming together to manifest that.

Humanity needs high ideals to hold on to. We need to make our lives mean something. We need to find a way to make a difference and help others. And more money is not the answer.

Those in fear live in a “bubble gum” world of their own creation. But life is not that. Life requires you to step beyond the knowing of the mind and into the wild chaotic truth that  keeps this beautiful world cycling in the vacuum of space.

The Medicine Cards this month are of great interest to me. Lynx says this is about secrets   hidden from us and secrets we have hidden from ourselves because we were not ready to fully engage truths that do not align with the ego’s projection of who we think we are.

Some people hold the medicine of Lynx. They are the keepers of discernment. They see the fears, lies and self-deceptions of others.

Seeing and knowing is one level. The next level is in knowing when and when not to communicate in words. In most moments, silence has a greater and more profound impact than attempting to explain.

Before being entrusted with the secrets that another holds, you must show respect. Respect comes in many forms. You must discover from your core how you can honorably show respect to another. It is deeply personal, something that vibrates at a particular frequency. It is in the vibration of reception and truth that a powerful message is exchanged.

Crow, the next power animal, is about the sacred and unspoken laws that rule this world. They are often forgotten in the noise of human “chatting.” Crow teaches you to be mindful of your opinions and actions. You must be willing to live your truth. Anything less is self-deception. Those who carry powerful messages of truth are often called “rebels” in this world.

And then we have Spider weaving her way into this month. The words you weave in your mind, that you speak, and especially that you write, can become a template that describes a time and place in life. Words spoken in one historical period can reveal manipulation and control in another. Words that have evoked powerful beliefs and actions may be revealed as tactics of complex human interactions and intentions.

Words are a form of energy transference, as powerful as any mythological, magic spell and  just as inspiring. They can be just as deadly. Certain words can catch you up in their web and paralyze you.

Notice your words this month. Notice what you repeatedly say. Notice if you speak in the dialect of duality—right/wrong, good/bad, male/female. And decide if that works for you.

Growth comes always at the edges of your understanding. You cannot grow if you are unwilling to reach beyond your present form of reality.

All growth is a risk. There is a vulnerability. Are you willing to be that vulnerable in your life this month?

You are not guaranteed a great life. You are guaranteed an opportunity to live. You are not known by your successes but by your incredible moments of failure; when you are cracked open by life, you may shine the brightest light. You are not getting what you want. But in the attempt is a recognition of the timelessness of your soul, the majestic beauty of your intention, and the joy at reaching out to touch that ever-illusive unknown.

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This article was originally published on February 1, 2019.