Metaphors for the month

By Suzanne Wagner

2018 It’s over, let it go

Osho Zen Tarot:  Clinging to the Past, Healing

Medicine Cards: Otter

Mayan Oracle: Imix, Ik

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The Tower, The Fool, Temperance

Aleister Crowley Deck: Success, Knight of Wands, Death

Healing Earth Tarot: Grandmother of Rainbows, Fool

Words of Truth: Vibration, Form, Male, Mother, Pleasure, Sacred

December. The time of cool and dark. A time for family, celebrations and the sacred. Following November’s big astrological changes, the shifts are speeding up. We are rapidly moving in the direction of healing, at least emotionally and spiritually. Lightning has struck and the old Tower is falling down.

The Supreme Mother, Imix, offers nourishment. She is trying to build trust. Ik, the energy of spirit, breath, wind and inspiration, is bringing the pendulum back to center. But unseen forces still lurk,  and much work needs to be done regarding integration.

The issues of separation will take a long time to heal. But a unifying force is attempting to bridge the massive gap that has been created.

The Otter reminds us that envy and the fear of being replaced may trigger some people to say and do unkind, mean-spirited  things. Many fear being rejected, marginalized, left out of the equation. Do your best to be inclusive and helpful. Move gently with the flow of energy.

With multiple Fool cards, there is a lightening of spirit and a shift towards a sureness of action that is more alive and graceful.

In the negative, prepare to expect the unexpected. We are still leaping off a cliff of the old reality. Much will remain unknown for a while.

Take some quiet time with the Grandmother of Rainbows. Find the stillness before taking action. Slow down and look at what you have, what you need, what can be achieved and what is reasonable to expect.

Nostalgia can turn us into blockheads. If we constantly look back and refuse to take risks to move beyond our limited perceptions, we limit our spirit and light.

The question is how quickly can you release what’s been triggering you for the past few years? If you had not been clinging to an emotion, you would recognize that the past is long gone, anyway.

Don’t let circumstances hold you back. Don’t let life pass you by. In the famous words of the poet Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


Suzanne Wagner is the author of books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She lives in California, but visits Utah frequently.

This article was originally published on November 30, 2018.