Metaphors for the Month

By Suzanne Wagner

Intuitive patterns for the dynamic month of June.
—by Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Ice-olation, Totality
Medicine Cards: Weasel, Dog
Mayan Oracle: Muluc, Chuen, Adven­turer’s Quest
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Four of Swords, Eight of Cups, Five of Wands
Aleister Crowley Deck: The Fool, Oppression, Queen of Cups
Healing Earth Tarot: Tower, Man of Rainbows
Words of Truth: Health, Pushing, Overview, Expansion

Neptune is retrograde June 13 till November 20. This should aid in fine-tuning your intuitive senses and allow you to feel into the more subtle places of your life that need to be addressed. During this transit you have to really pay attention to the messages and act on them quickly. If you haven’t done the work necessary by the time Neptune goes direct, your feelings of missing the mark and not being in the right place at the right time will actually get stronger.

Under this aspect, addictive patterns can worsen. Rein in any out-of-control urges; they will bite you if you are not careful.

Neptune, the second-largest planet, is also the planet of illusion. There may be a feeling of not knowing what’s true or correct for you during this time. The choices may seem so diverse.

On June 17, Saturn and Neptune will be at 12 degrees and you will experience the second of the three squares (the third one will be September 6). Saturn wants to restructure your philosophical outlook and free your mind to travel beyond the old boundaries while Nep­tune wants to dissolve what seemed so real from your past. This combination can be shattering for the psyche. Just remember that when the blinders come off and you see what’s really there, there is always liberation.

To move through this month, you need instinct and intuition. As both Saturn and Neptune are in mutable signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) the game is choice, gaining confidence and learning to adapt. The most important aspect of this square is that it will show you that “knowledge is power.” Knowing this is necessary for humanity to finally be able to let go of blind faith.

Some people will have their foundations rocked, shattered and then washed away by a tide of Neptune’s change. Each of us is being asked to grow up. You will not be allowed to stay in denial and you will not be able to escape the hard truth and choices confronting you this month.

Yet, with the Mayan archetype Chuen, there’s also a playful quality to this month. Play is essential for moving through this challenging game of real-life Dungeons and Dragons. If you have an attitude of childlike enthusiasm regarding the fact that so much is shifting, you can get on top of the energy and play the game rather than feel played. Just remember that there will be a lot you can’t see so plan accordingly: You will have to adapt at a moment’s notice.

What you can say about this month is that it is dynamic. There’s a type of intended risk that is present throughout the month. You will want to surround yourself with the most loyal friends as well as those with ability to see into the great beyond and share insights to the next potential steps in this developing game.

Let this month be one of such movement and expansion that you’re enthralled with just the feeling of no longer being stuck. You may want to know what’s happening to you but it’s better to live in the moment. Let wonder and enthusiasm take the place of fear. Let the adventure be so enticing that you know you will move forward even when you don’t know why. Don’t push, just go with what presents. You might discover that you’re braver and more of a hero in your world than you realized.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She now lives in California, but visits Utah for classes and readings frequently.

This article was originally published on June 3, 2016.