Metaphors for November 2021

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot: Inner Voice, Patience, Clinging to the Past

Medicine Cards: Rabbit, Horse, Fox

Mayan Oracle: Cimi, Kan, Chichan

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Justice, The Hanged Man, Four of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Pleasure, Strife, Satiety

Healing Earth Tarot: Death, Two of Rainbows, Five of Shields

Words of Truth: Breathing, Co-Dependent, Elimination

The Death card in the Tarot means that many old perspectives need to transform or die. Until each of us confronts death, we often lack true compassion for others who are struggling. With experience, we begin to see past the powerful force that beliefs hold over our psyche and the consequences of our actions or lack of action.

A controlling ego leaves chaos, confusion and fear in its path. It demands loyalty. It threatens on a multitude of levels when it is the driver of one’s life, obscuring the authentic self.

In ancient times, healers, teachers, mystics and shamans had many ways to confront the ego, tear down the destructive logic of self-importance and allow people to change and grow. Such processes were designed to be brutal, as a way to break the hold of the ego-mind so that the soul could rise from the depths and regain the essential connection and intuitive knowing that the person was truly seeking.

But when the authentic self emerges, a new type of tenderness arises. We can allow others to have their processes, no matter the consequences. Loss and life experience — understanding life better through our choices and their outcomes — is a great teacher, a generator of wisdom. When we know, love and respect ourselves, we can learn to respect the choices of others. Worry and anxiety lower one’s self-esteem. But when fear is no longer in control, we can see that some people have made certain choices to teach all of us important lessons. Some align with the notion that personal suffering somehow elevates one’s spiritual practice and potential. But sometimes the ego is actually in control of the process. Journeys begun by the ego will not end in the spiritual enlightenment one seeks.

The cards this month signal a warning — to beware of judging others; that truth and equality are being threatened; that arbitration is not possible at this time. The cards indicate that those ruled by ego intend to manifest confusion and incorrect actions or actions that hold no merit. We are being reminded that strength comes from planning for the future.

Those who are paralyzed and avoid action or intend to thwart are of no help and need to be ignored. Those who are powerfully engaged and willing to step into the forces swirling about now are those who can and will get things done. The doers in the world do not need to belong to any group. They see the need and they act.

All forms of death are an active choice of surrender. All deaths are a release. All deaths are a journey to forgiveness. And all deaths are designed to be a humbling revelation as to where our choices have led us.

This article was originally published on November 2, 2021.