Metaphors for January 2020

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  Going with the Flow, Success, Guilt

Medicine Cards: Horse (contrary), Fox, Dragonfly

Mayan Oracle: Etznab (upside down), Kan (upside down), Transparency (upside down)

Ancient Egyptian Tarot:  The Fool, Four of Swords, Queen of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Strength, Interference, The Devil

Healing Earth Tarot: Ace of Rainbows, Lovers, Ace of Wands

Words of Truth:  Mind, Sobriety, Primal, Truth


This is the year to seek out truth. Truths are universal. You can never own truth. Truth is bigger than you. It is part of the universal laws that rule this reality.

In numerology, 2020 is the number 4, a reminder to cultivate harmony at all costs.

At that moment you realize things have to change. You can’t stand to stay in a past pattern another minute. That’s when everything shifts—and often quite radically.

Sometimes it is precipitated by an event that is the final straw. Or a moment that becomes a line in the sand that you will no longer tolerate. Regardless, there is a breaking point. That is necessary to find your way back to balance.

Take a look at how your mind is either making stresses more stressful or looking with a clear and discerning eye to verifiable facts.

Learn critical thinking but do not be critical of others. Allow others to make their own mistakes —you cannot save others from the lessons they need to learn. The mind is supposed to serve the soul, not the other way around.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020, with Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto, makes for quite a volatile mix. What I know is that the United States’ chart, as well as that of our current president, takes a hit that day. What that will be is anyone’s guess. But know that as that energy comes in, it will continue to promote chaos and upset.

What’s clear is that this Saturn-Pluto conjunction with Mars in Aries squaring is going to set the stage for the rest of the year. That is probably why we need to find  harmony within ourselves and not look for the external to help us in any way. (See last month’s column.) It will be up to us to make a correction and find a way through to the next level of our evolution.

I pulled the Aleister Crowley Tarot cards specifically for the conjunction on Jan 12, 2020 for the U.S. The cards are Ruin, The Hanged Man, and Failure.

These cards indicate shattering of old patterns and a breakdown of systems. Reason goes out the window and the hard truth of reality comes crashing in. It causes suffering and enforced sacrifice for all. There is a failure of the systems that have been holding important aspects and freedoms together and because of that, it leaves us open to some form of attack. Whether that is internal or external is anyone’s guess.

Illusions (Dragonfly) that have been perpetuated break down. Pain and guilt create an atmosphere of complex and painful emotions. Many will pass through the distortion and see with utter transparency that which they did not want to see. The mirrors and reflections shatter and you are left with the sharp edges of truth that cut away what was never really real.

The sword of truth (Etznab) shatters the reality and awakens the spiritual warriors to face shadow. Something erupts (Kan) and the beliefs that we are safe and secure break under the constraint of self-deception. Be prepared. Things will radically speed up and the faster things move, the more out of control they will feel.

The Horse shows where the lack of respect has allowed for the abuse of power. It becomes clear that there are those who want to overpower people and systems. When people forget to lead with compassion, they become entangled with the unhealed wounds of their own past. The winds of destiny call to everyone to remember to honor all life and all things.

The Fox asks us to define the boundaries. It is a confirmation that there’s a fox in the hen house wreaking havoc and destruction.

So what are you going to do about it? Be smart, be sly and know that you are going to have to come up with some ingenious moves.

The Aces are there to remind us that there are many new types of beginnings. One is a trial by fire. It requires you to have a type of strength of passion that allows you to face the challenges before  you. A course of action must be taken but it needs to be forthright, loving and honest.

The other Ace is about the giving and receiving of love. We are being asked to go more deeply into our hearts than ever before, to feel below the surface of chaos that is taking us away from clarity. We are being asked to do what used to seem impossible. Because we really have no choice.

This month you are riding a tiger. While that may seem amazing, it will also be a wild, unpredictable ride. All moments of power are followed by a moment that pulls you into the opposite place. These are just the laws of life and nature.

Do not be a fool and ignore the truths when they present.

Do not believe that you are completely safe, because things will forever change. But what you can do is negotiate with others and come to compromises and understandings. Only by working together can we make the necessary changes that will stand the tests of time.

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This article was originally published on December 30, 2019.