Metaphors: February 2008

By Suzanne Wagner

Change is everywhere; nothing will be the same.
by Suzanne Wagner
Arthurian Tarot: Hare, The Hermit

Mayan Oracle: Shadow, Portal of Transcendence

Aleister Crowley: Knight of Wands, Virtue, Ace of Disks

Medicine Cards: Squirrel, Dolphin

Osho Zen Tarot: Fighting, Master, Postponement

Healing Earth Tarot: Woman of Shields, Nine of Pipes, Temperance

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Queen of Disks, The Fool

Words of Truth: Peace, Maturity, Magic

February brings a renewed cultural sense and belief in the possibilities of positive interaction within our communities, as evident in the primary election process that has excited and inspired the American spirit. We have not had such a vibrant, lively election in many years.

During this election, many stimulating conversations that may never have been brought up in elections before will expand the verbal forum, opening us to new ideas that can be brought into action. February springboards many differences into the forefront of the political landscape. Change is everywhere. Nothing will be the same.

There is a strong force within everyone's subconscious that motivates us in new directions. This creates a symbolic return to a long forgotten source of inspiration and emotional fulfillment for the country and ourselves.

That forward movement will begin with a huge leap as we move into the Year of the Rat. In Chinese astrology, this year highlights action, ingenuity and intellectual shifts in awareness. This Year of the Rat will promote everyone's efforts to seek new knowledge and information.

You will see great interest and shifts in the global economy toward more self-sustaining systems that help and support everyone. This is a year to achieve results and create practicality with stability. The Year of the Rat will minimize negative scandals and bring a renewed surge of patriotism. This year represents new beginnings politically and environmentally, and a willingness to do things differently. Things begun this year will have positive long-term consequences and will enrich your life for a long time.

The influence of the Year of the Rat with the pattern shifts in February allow us to drop our pretenses and begin to reclaim the true expression of our deepest soul's yearning to connect and touch others. This election brings us back to examining our roots that have been weakened by neglect. Our deep-rooted beliefs  save us when strong winds try to topple us. Our country has been in some very strong winds over the last five years, and it is now time to reconnect to our base and find the true meaning and expression that we want to create. February brings us back to taking care of America in a way and stabilizes and enriches all of us.

Everyone will be trying to predict which way the political river is going to flow. No matter what, it is a close call. Every moment we make micro-adjustments; our perspective refines again and again.

There will be much fighting and searching for the best new expression of the emerging pattern. Yet, peacefulness, maturity, and magic also affects everyone. We are searching for the new pattern that will allow us to find the renewal of the American dream within. Fun and play will come with this change. America has needed something to enliven its spirit and patriotic impact in the world. It begins in earnest in February.

So, as the energy finally lurches forward this month, reclaim the mastery you have within, take a few risks and try new things, and be grateful that you are an American. u

Suzanne Wagner is the author of numerous books and CDs on the tarot. She lives in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on February 1, 2008.