Metaphors April 2020

By Suzanne Wagner

Acceptance is the key to freedom. Allowing is a form of love.

Osho Zen Tarot:  Playfulness, Flowering, Abundance

Medicine Cards: Dolphin, Weasel

Mayan Oracle:  Ik, Mystical Power, Ahau

Ancient Egyptian Tarot:   Temperance, Judgement, Queen of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Prince of Wands, The Magus, Princess of Cups

Healing Earth Tarot: Three of Rainbows, Nine of Shields, The Sun

Words of Truth:  Codependent, God, Healing


Editor’s note: Because she would be traveling later, Suzanne drew the above cards and wrote the following story in early January, long before COVID-19 was a thing (to say nothing of earthquakes). Therefore they are not mentioned by name. Nonetheless we find the relevance obvious.


The Earth is in a healing crisis. As with all healing crises, it has a strong fever that continues to build. It was the hottest February ever in the Arctic and spring has started early for most of this hemisphere. But the rains went north and did not quench the great thirst of much of the United States. Illnesses such as the one we are in require high fevers to break the negative hold of that which is killing the organism.

While it is April and everyone is itching to spring into action, take the time this month to look past the obvious and into the mystical and magical elements that are also happening.

It is beginning to dawn on more people that the necessary healing  is within us. We need to look at how interconnected and how dependent we are on this beautiful world. We can no longer separate ourselves from the very thing that gives us life.

This world is desperate for us to love it and to love all of its creatures.

No part of yourself or anything else can be left behind in this journey. Love is the very thing that will set all of us free. Yet to do that, we have to re-examine our concepts of self as they relate to the question, “What is our highest and divine self?”

Then we need to move from that place only. Egos must be left behind like a child having a temper-tantrum on a hiking trail. It is time to grow up. Our ego is that petulant child who will refuse to move until it gets its own way. But it will never be happy or satisfied and so you cannot cater to that pattern or behavior. It is time for all of us to act from a place of maturity, clarity, compassion and knowing. When we embrace those aspects of ourselves, we can perform miracles and magic again.

Acceptance is the key to freedom.

Allowing is a form of love.

The process that’s in play must work itself through. While that may be unpleasant, it’s essential  to the healing that everyone is seeking.

It is in the cards this month to examine what you believe is your concept of “God.” Do you have “God” in a box that is constructed from your beliefs and fears of separation?

Do you see within yourself a reflection of a divine spark?

If your love has expectations and judgments, then you are caught in the human condition of perpetual karmic suffering and not yet free.

Step out of striving and give permission for everyone to go through what they need in order to awaken. It is not up to you. It never was. It is not about you being right. There is no right or wrong way to go. It is the decisions in the moment that will lead us to the lessons that we are ready to receive.

There is a powerful solar and astrological tide shifting everything around us. You are not separate from the divine that continues to move through all things, whether you perceive the magic in those shifts or not.

If you are expecting a miracle, you forget that you are that miracle. Through hardship, you will re-ignite the circuitry that will show the way to your potential.

Harboring feelings of resentment, judgment and anger inhibit your most powerful and magical self.

While it matters what you think, right now it matters more about what you do or don’t do. Affirmed and conscious action is what is required. Opinions need not apply.

Weasel, the power animal this month, indicates that many things are going on behind the scenes. A fox in the hen house waits for that perfect moment to strike when your guard is down and you are not fully paying attention.

The Three of Rainbows is a dragon moving through the landscape, trying to gather up all that is of value and hoard it. There is a dragon inside that wants to take everything because it believes things will fill an inner emptiness. Of course, it is not true. But some need to have things taken from them to recognize that sometimes a simple life is a very good life. Sometimes we are asked to see the joy in the sunlight, feel peace within the embrace of family and know that regardless of what is happening in the outer world, there is a place within us that knows love and prefers to give that love regardless of the cost.

This month, expect intrigue. You are going to continue to be caught and surprised by the conflations of energy and words. It’s especially important that you pay attention to truth and support the truth in others. Some may have the intention to make you doubt your feelings. They want you dulled by the confusion so you cannot be effective. They want you to feel helpless and paranoid.

It is time to get those cotton balls out of your ears and hear what is really going on. Do not expect it to be pleasant. It may be harsh and upsetting. But you cannot thrive or survive if your head is in a box or up in a cloud.


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This article was originally published on April 2, 2020.