March 7-13 — Crossroads of love

By Christopher Renstrom

I am at a crossroads. I have dated my boyfriend (6/13/1964) going on 3 years now. He is a fantastic guy however he’s not ready for marriage. I am trying to decide if I’m ready to walk away and find someone else that is ready for marriage or to stay patient and see where this relationship leads. My birthday is 4/12/1973 and I live in NC.

I’d hate to see the two of you break up because you have really nice horoscopes. It’s clear from your charts that you enjoy spending time together, you’re very relaxed with each other, and there’s a playful quality that keeps your relationship young and fresh. More importantly you will always be in his corner as he will always be in yours.

However your boyfriend is still a marriage-phobe. But that doesn’t make him anti-marriage. He feels that once you get married all of those things that you enjoy about each other will go flying out the window. The reason for this is that he was born with a retrograde Venus in Cancer which forms an exact conjunction to his north node. This indicates some heavy mistrust issues around the opposite sex especially when it comes to setting up house and home. His experience is that women change whenever the M word comes up. He feels like they stop being individuals and turn into walking talking biological clocks or Stepford wives with pre-programmed agendas of what wedded life is supposed to be. The reason he’s dead set against marriage is because he wants to protect what he treasures most about your relationship—and that’s you.

I imagine that things have been tense since December 2009 when your ruling planet Mars turned retrograde in Leo. You both have Leo Moons in your horoscopes so Mars traveling backwards through this sign would have brought up a lot of anger, frustration, and a few stormy scenes. Thankfully Mars comes out of retrograde on March 10th which means that it will stop being adversarial and will start to exude a more positive and affirmative influence instead. Even if you broke up recently it’s unlikely that you’ve been far from each other’s thoughts, so I’d advise putting out feelers to see what kind of headspace he’s in. I’m certain that you’ll find him to be more open-minded and open-hearted.

Nevertheless I would avoid talking about marriage for the next four months—no matter how many times he drops hints or tries to broach the subject. The upcoming lunar eclipse on his Venus/north node conjunction this June shows that he’s in the midst of some heavy soul searching. He’s not really making up his mind as much as he’s trying to make peace with his decision to be with you. This is very difficult for him but it’s better for you to be a part of his life now than it is for you to be apart from it. There’s nothing to be gained by forcing the issue or walking out on him. Trust in your love, your shared history, and your friendship and you’ll like where all of this leads to by the end of 2010.

This article was originally published on March 6, 2010.