March 14-20 — Let go to move on

By Christopher Renstrom

Can you give me some insight to what’s going on in my love life? I was dating a man (11/17/1971) who broke up with me at the beginning of the year. I was heartbroken as this is not the first time we have dated with the same outcome. He keeps contacting me, but I’ve been trying to move on in my life and have started dating again. I met a man I’m not sure about (his birthday is 9/11/1971) and hope that change is on the way, but I’m getting impatient. My birthday is 6/14/1971, 2:14PM, Oklahoma City, OK.

It sounds like you may still be holding the door open for the Scorpio guy and as long as that’s going on then you won’t be able to move on. You say that he broke up with you at the beginning of the year, but if he’s still contacting you—and if you’re still answering him—then you two haven’t parted company at all. It’s a pattern I’ve often seen with people who are born under opposite signs—that is people whose birthdays lie six months away from each other in the year. Although his Sun is in Scorpio, he has four planets in Sagittarius that form an exact opposition to the Gemini planets in your horoscope. This creates a push/pull energy where neither of you can walk away any more than you can co-exist harmoniously. When you remember that the point of a relationship is to be on the same page then you can see how this “I can’t live with you/I can’t live without you” dynamic is ultimately counter-productive. Yes there’s plenty of drama and trauma, but to paraphrase Shakespeare it’s really just a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. The sooner you give this Scorpio guy up (and that means you stop returning phone calls, texts, tweets, etc) the better. Otherwise he’s like a bad habit that will just keep hooking you back in.

Now your Virgo friend has all the telltale signs of a rebound relationship, but there’s more going on if you’re willing to give him a chance. The strongest pairings in Astrology are between people born under the same sign or who share the same Ruling Planet. Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury which means that you totally get where the other one is coming from. You don’t have to explain yourself to him nor will you ever feel like he’s tuned you out. However Virgo men are shy when it comes to making their feelings known and I’m sure he senses that you’re not really into him. But it’s also not his job to win you over. That’s your emotional homework assignment. You need to ask yourself if you’re truly available and that’s why God created dating. You’re not ready for a relationship yet. You’re too divided and undecided, however you are ready to date. Open your heart, open your mind, and let yourself get to know this Virgo fellow. You may find that spending time with someone who wants to be a lover and not a fighter can be habit-forming—and in a good way.

This article was originally published on March 14, 2010.