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After a lifetime of living in Utah, Claudia Draper is leaving town

By Staff

Claudia Draper, the personal organizer and feng shui practitioner, is known to her clients as a “compassionate” clutter clearer. “The bond between person and their possessions is sacred,” she says. “If decisions are hard, it may be that you don’t have enough information yet.”

Draper comes by her love or order naturally. She recalls being five years old, her mother pregnant and the house a mess. She realized she could improve the situation. Enlisting the help of her four-year-old brother, they tidied and scrubbed.

Last year while in Berkeley, Calif., Draper met with locational astrologer Julian Lee Mickunas who recommended North Carolina as a positive place for her. Despite the fact that she knew no one there, she visited Chapel Hill last June and had some remarkable experiences. And so she has decided to make it an adventure, aiming for a summer 2017 departure.

Draper will return to Salt Lake City to take care of her clients here, maintaining the same telephone number and email address: 801.755.8529;

This article was originally published on June 7, 2017.