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Closing your year with presence: Questions to ask yourself.
by Marla Dee

Each day, year and life follows a cycle set by nature. This cycle contains an opening, working and closing. The opening is the natural time to awaken and get present. The working piece is about engaging and movement. Last, the closing time is to slow down and reflect.

Our nature guide for this cycle is the sun, our source. Each day the sun shows the way to align with our natural rhythm by rising, shining and setting.

You can take this simple cycle into your year. The closing of the year is like the setting of the sun. It is a time to go still, to connect with yourself and loved ones. It is time for deep reflection and celebration of all that has transpired. How will you choose to close down this year?

My invitation is to look now at your calendar and claim one full day for yourself. Let it be a day of centering, of ease, of celebration and permission. Make time for a relationship with you. Trust your inner “wise self” to share and prepare you for what is next.

Here are some simple, yet profound ways to close your year.

For you right brain folks, grab four large pieces of paper (no lines please). Then draw, color and create the following:

Screen Shot 2015 12 16 at 1.08.27 PM

1 – What have I been building this last year? Where has my time and energy been going? What have I been up to? What story have I been telling?

2 – What is my next step? What am I feeling compelled to do, create, launch, surrender to, or open to? What is coming up in me that is ready to be born?

3 – What is blocking me from moving forward? What is stopping me?

4 – What will move me through the block? What do I need to move forward?

Lastly, take what you created on page 4 and turn it into a THEME for the next year. Keep it as simple as possible – a phrase, a picture or word is enough!

For you left brain right people, grab your pen and paper for writing. By just reflecting on and answering the questions below you will receive the insight that is waiting to be revealed.

What worked?

It is vital to begin with looking at what worked. There is a human tendency to focus on the negative or what still needs to get done. There is sweetness and grounding in beginning your review with the good things that happened.

What did I accomplish?

What can I celebrate?

Who did I touch – who touched me?

What new territory did I explore?

How did I show love?

What am I grateful for?

What didnt work?

Most of the time my disappointments are connected to people, events and things over which I have no control. However, they deserve and need to be acknowledged.

What were my disappointments?

What did I have to let go of?

What did I lose?

What did I grieve?

Who let me down?

Who left me? How does that feel?

What did I learn?

Every day, life is offering experiences for healing and growth. By taking the time to ask this question, I deepen the gift.

What was the most valuable lesson I learned?

What did I learn about myself?

What did I learn about others?

What did I learn about life?

How did I heal?

Lastly, take what you learned and turn it into a THEME for the next year. Keep it as simple as possible – a phrase, a picture or word is enough!

In this last month of the year 2015, in the sunset, in this time of winter – how will you close your year? Will you close with care, with presence, with consciousness? u

Marla Dee is creator of the Clear & SIMPLE Way, helping people to clear their clutter and create a productive environment.

This article was originally published on December 1, 2015.