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Top 10 spring organizing tips.

by Marla Dee

Spring is here and our bodies feel the new life ready to bloom. It is the sweetest time of year for going through your home, clearing out the old energy and preparing for new growth. Here are my top 10 tips to support you in creating something new in your space and in your life.LifeMatters

1. Invite fresh, clean energy into your space.

On a warm, sunny day, open your windows and doors, turn on some music and let the freshness of spring flow through your space. This helps move the stagnant winter energy and rejuvenate your body and space.

2. You get to choose what stays and what goes.

This is your space, this is your life, this is your choice, and your responsibility. Don’t leave clutter-clearing your home for your children, your friends or strangers to deal with. Want help? You can go to www.clearsimple.com for my free eBook – The ART of Letting Go. ART stands for Acceptance, Release & Trust.

3. Keep it simple by choosing one project for the season.

Just thinking about all the organizing projects in your home can block you from ever starting. But if you choose just one project for each season, over time your space will be transformed.

4. Get a buddy.

This work is more fun when we do it together. Get a buddy and help each other. Each one gets to pick the project. You will be amazed how the time flies by and how much more you get done.

5. Choose a donation agency that aligns with your beliefs.

Giving to charities that support work you care about makes the “toss” step easier.

6. Have fun shopping for containers that suit your style.

Like the bright blossoming flowers, bright containers make us happy. You might prefer more subtle tones. Check out a local packing store.

7. Clothes closet transformation.

Here are our most powerful two tips for a closet transformation: Try everything on and ask, “Is this me?” Be prepared to laugh and cry. Do this with a friend. For what remains, get hangers of the same color and material.

8. Dig in the dirt – or simply plant one pot.

Let your inner child go outside and play. Get your hands dirty and connect with the earth. If gardening isn’t really your thing or you don’t have the time, just pick out one cool pot and fill with flowers, herbs or even a vegetable plant. Place it somewhere where you can enjoy the beauty.

9. Capture the incoming paper in one place and container.

Free your horizontal surfaces of paper piles by getting one large appealing container to hold the incoming. It can be a beautiful basket on your counter or a vertical wall pocket placed where you enter your space.

10. Let go of one habit that is keeping you stuck.

In this season of of renewal, light and growth, releasing even just one unsupportive habit and replacing it with something that aligns with you currently will give you energy and joy.

Marla Dee is a professional organizer, popular speaker and the creator of The Clear & SIMPLE Way to live free of clutter and organized at last. www.clearsimple.com;


This article was originally published on May 2, 2016.