On the Cover

On the cover

By Staff

This month’s cover art is a family treasure. Pilar presented the original painting as a wedding present to CATALYST art director, Polly and her husband, Mark Mottonen. It was still wet and unsigned that day in October, 1995. Many years later it was dropped off at Pilar’s to finally have her signature added. As Pilar does, everything in her wake becomes improved upon and of course, painted. When Polly arrived back for the painting a year later she found it changed, layered, augmented, called up to Pilar’s presently more graphic style. This special painting now carries elements from the different stages of Pilar artistic expression — from life in the garden before the loss of Walter, to post stroke and the birth of her Legacy Foundation, from the very beginning of Pilar and Polly’s friendship to the present.

Pilar’s adventurous passion for life and beauty is embedded in her iconic home and garden with art radiating the depth, complexity, and richness of her Spanish heritage. Pilar’s house in the Avenues has become a beloved gathering place and a catalyst for development of our local art community.  The Pilar Pobil Legacy Foundation hopes to see you at this year’s Art in Pilar’s Garden June 7-9. Proceeds support the Foundation’s mission to preserve Pilar’s house as a home for art.  Tours available upon request.  For more information visit pilarpobillegacyfoundation.org.

This article was originally published on May 31, 2019.