June: Batten down the hatches and prepare for a quantum leap

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  Completion, Harmony, The Creator

Medicine Cards: Turtle, Turkey, Whale

Mayan Oracle: Muluc, Ben, Oc

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Five of Disks,  6 of Swords, King of Swords

Aleister Crowley Deck: The Moon, The Tower, Prince of Disks

Healing Earth Tarot:  Grandmother of Crystals, Six of Shields, Grandfather of Crystals

Words of Truth:  Exhaustion, Lying, Quantum Leap

Batten down the hatches! June is coming in with waves of cataclysmic change, indicated by the series of three eclipses this month and next, with all the planets moving retrograde. We are moving toward catastrophe on a global scale the likes of which we’ve not seen.

What this will look like is anyone’s guess. So many things are teetering on edges that it almost doesn’t matter which event kicks off the cascade.

The cards, too, are at a level of intensity that I do not often see.

That which is alive was born and will die. Presently we are in a massive cycle indicating that many forms of death are all around us. While that’s what we need in order to find the doorway that will open to a very new form of existence, one cannot help but feel the tragedy that is unfolding globally and the suffering that many will experience.

First of all, this forced time off has been a great blessing for many people  who came to realize the level of exhaustion that their bodies have been holding. Two months of having the time to regroup and heal has radically rearranged our priorities.

Business will never be the same. Many realize they would rather work from home. Some companies realize they do not need big buildings or offices. How much cleaner will the air become with fewer vehicles on the road?

Some people realize that they want a life…not necessarily a career. They want to enjoy their children, have picnics, grow a garden. The illusion that has been so carefully constructed to chain souls to desks is being revealed as a fear tactic—and a very unnecessary one. People want to work. You can work and be happier. You can accomplish more with less drama.

A shift in consciousness, an awareness that there is more to life, will shatter the old paradigm.

The big card in the Tarot deck to focus our attention this month is the Tower. This card indicates a total breakdown of the old ways, beginning with the stock market. June and July set the stage for a radical and sharp correction. If you have money in the stock market, move it into things that may have less payout but are solid and safe.

The Mayan Oracle card Muluc is the card of eclipses. We are going into an eclipse cycle. The shadow takes control and darkens the sky, making us fear the “retribution of the gods.” Mother Earth has already shown us in the kindest way how toxic we are to this world. But are we listening? Many are not. June and July will bring the message home.

The root cause of this moment is hate and fear. The emotional drama unfolding this month and next will force us to take an honest look at our doggedness and ridiculous attachments to obsessive beliefs that are blatantly untrue.

We are about to be humbled. The sooner we kneel and accept the truth of our self-deception, the faster this world can change and grow toward something magnificent.

It will be a world that I want to see and want to experience. But the transition will be harsh.

Many years ago, I had a vision of a future. There were two worlds that both were Earth. One world was being destroyed by greed, resentment, hate and fear. But another world was nearing. There would be a moment when we would be given a chance to leap out of the old world and into a world intended for humanity and all of life. It would be a quantum leap—a leap to a level that without divine connection, complete trust and the ability to leave everything behind would be impossible.

Prepare to leap.

Suzanne divides her time between Salt Lake City and Mendocino County, California. Her Utah visits are on hold till further notice. She continues to meet with clients virtually.  Connect with her via

This article was originally published on June 1, 2020.