July: Get ready for some “divine lightning”

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  Turning In, Inner Voice, Postponement

Medicine Cards: Turtle, Turkey, Whale

Mayan Oracle: Manifestation, Cauac, Portal of Transcendence

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Two of Cups, Three of Cups, Eight of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Works, Prince of Disks, Swiftness, Success, Happiness, Prince of Wand

Healing Earth Tarot:  Eight of Pipes, Shaman, Ten of Crystals, Tower

Words of Truth:  Indulgence, Blessing, Sobriety, Density, Resolution, Will


June was a fury of intensity marked by protests, violence and a deepening divide in this country. July adds to this growing discontent.

Since 2016 astrologers have predicted a major shift that was going to rock our world around this time. You may think I’m talking about the election. I am not.

The global astrology has been clearly indicating a massive movement out of the stuckness of the Piscean Age and the density of so many planets being in Capricorn and finally…irrevocably…moving us into the Aquarian Age.

Change is no longer just a choice. It is an obligation.

This month is marked by the intensity of the Ten of Crystals, The Tower, and Cauac. These three indicate that our fate has been sealed; now we must submit to that inevitability.

It becomes clear in the blinding light of transformation that any belief held too tightly reflects dysfunction rather than alignment with Earth’s laws.

A person exhibiting hatred, separation, cruelty and bias is no longer someone to fear, but someone to pity. Those standing up to hate and bigotry will not be intimidated.

Death is walking among us and I do not mean COVID-19. I mean many things that were cherished are going up in smoke. The fires of Cauac will burn away that which never was true, never was you, and that which belongs to another.

The Ten of Crystals, The Tower and Cauac are all about the final surrender: a type of surrender that forces you to admit your bias, your judgments and your selfishness. It forces you to tear off the clothing of your own denial that is now burning.

The core issues that arise this month may feel intense and difficult, depending on how addicted you are to your position. You may lose control over the reality that you’ve so carefully built—illusion upon illusion, denial upon denial, and prejudice upon prejudice.

The raw and real truth of July will dismantle the barriers you’ve built that  block your own freedom and the freedoms you’ve denied others.

Through it all, you will feel the power of love, the realization that love is the most precious interconnection among all things. We are all bound together in a common goal for change.

The people searching for the right motivation have found their voice in one thing or another. Now it finally reveals the true identity of the self—a self that is aligned, not for personal gain, but for a cause that means something in the hearts and souls of those who are touched to confront and move beyond fear.

The speed and clarity with which the change comes is a type of divine lightning. Its intention is to illuminate (and thus eliminate) the illusions fashioned by the minds of people to make themselves feel powerful.

The expression of this indulgence of true-hearted freedom and love is a blessing of enormous proportions because it comes from the resolute will of the people. The true inheritors of this world are finding their kindness and goodness.

The people are finally clear that there is a pit of vipers in our government.  While they will be tremendously difficult to remove, remove them we will. We have every intention to reclaim what is ours.

And then this country will have its Second Independence Day!


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This article was originally published on July 1, 2020.