Issue Section: Garden Like a Boss

Harvest Like a Boss

Here’s how to pick your produce at the peak of perfection. In the garden, it’s rush hour. After the early summer ritual of patience you’ve endured waiting for that garden full of g …


I Love Bindweed

In the world of permaculture, this weed has a worthy job to do. I love bindweed. (Or morning glory, if that’s what you prefer to call it, or Convolvulus, if you’re a proper geek.) …


Aphids 101: Methods to Outsmart the Little Vampires

Few things crash the garden party harder than the arrival of aphids. In an instant, visions of effortless harvest and flawless plants come to an abrupt halt. One of the first pests …


Garden Like a Boss: A Mod Solution to a Modern Dilemma

I invite you to consider the following irony: Agri­cul­ture is the foundation of civilization. By cultivating plants and animals, we developed the means to grow our tribes into vil …


Garden Like a Boss: The Boss Always Flushes

We live in a desert. (Well, technically, we live in a steppe). It’s easy to forget that sometimes, especially when we live in a city lush with trees, lawns and golf courses. It’s e …


Garden Like a Boss

Creating beneficial insect habitat: Lacewings, lady bugs and mantis, oh my! —by James Loomis Now, this is not another article about bees, or any other pollinators for that matter. …


Garden Like a Boss: Maxxin’ the Spring Garden

Goodbye ice, goodbye snow. Good­bye frozen fingers, see you later frozen toes. Hello, wee bit of daylight after dinnertime. Nice to have you back sunshine. Although February freque …


Garden Like A Boss: How to Prune for Bumper Fruit

Every year, without fail, I’m ready to declare “SPRING!” months before the calendar gives consent. Sometime in February, when a 48-degree day feels like T-shirt weather, the soil p …


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Garden Like a Boss: Begin Your Garden Now

The seed is one of the most powerful and resilient biological technologies on the planet. A magical time capsule for plant life, it contains the ability to not only store a potenti …


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Urban Almanac

A monthly compendium of random wisdom for the home, garden and natural world.—by Diane Olson JAN 1 NEW YEAR’S DAY. It’s the perfect day to switch out calendars and mark birthdays a …


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Garden Like A Boss

Carbon sequestration The carbon in biochar remains quite stable when buried, and can remain locked there for decades, centuries or even millennia. While the process is generally ac …


Garden Like a Boss: Biochar 101

Here’s the scoop about the Next New Thing in the gardening world. —by James Loomis Biochar. This soil amendment has accrued more accolades than perhaps any other soil amendment sin …


Build soil from now till spring!

The makings of deep mulch, sheet mulch and leaf mold –by James Loomis Call me a dirt perv, but few things are sexier to me than luscious, rich, fertile garden soil. When it comes …


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From Greenhouses to Garden Cloaks

Extend your growing season! —by James Loomis Fall is upon us, gracing us with her limitless bounty and increasingly frequent nippy nights. As the season shifts, the sun takes on a …


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Garden Like a Boss: Maxin’ the Fall Garden

Summer garden, I have a confession to make. I’m no longer in love with you. I can’t take it anymore. You’re just so demanding, always needing me to water you and weed you, all whil …