Issue Section: About Town

Bike Ride of the Month

Sweet Streets

What you get when you design and construct safe alternatives to driving cars. Cities along the Wasatch Front are growing and evolving. People are moving

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Creekside Observer

Poetry month celebration

Eleven poetry boxes are placed throughout the University of Utah’s Red Butte Garden. This month and next, they contain the winning poems of Red Butte

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Lives in the shadows

A conversation with Kip Yost Last summer, curious to learn more about Salt Lake’s new homeless resource shelters, I was reading everything I could find

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Food Shorts

“Lamb’s Good Food”

The patrons of Salt Lake’s iconic Main Street restaurant seen through the eyes of a young employee Way back in 1992, I worked as a

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Plan-B’s Zombie Thoughts

Mother/son duo explore new ground in play for children When I was asked to write a play for Plan-B’s Free Elementary School Tour, I immediately

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