Issue Date: January 2015

Editor’s Notebook

The stuff-reduction business is booming. Books, magazines, blogs and websites are devoted to getting organized. Space-saving gizmos for the office, home and car fill entire

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Twenty years ago, 10 of us were taken hostage at the downtown Salt Lake City Library [now the Leonardo] by a mentally ill man who

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Policing Force

Editor’s Note: Chris Burbank resigned from the Salt Lake City Police Department in 2015 and now works for the Center for Policing Equity in L.A.,

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Happy (Chinese) New Year!

You may know your Chinese astrological sign—knowledge likely gained from a placemat in a Chinese restaurant. Fair enough. If you’ve dined there recently, you probably

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Shall We Dance?

2014: a year in dance. We danced what we valued, what we loved, and what we found beautiful. —by Amy Brunvand

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Several months ago a recipe for an intriguing-sounding elixir began to circulate around Facebook and Pinterest: “Fire Cider” was purported to heal all ills, put

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