Issue Date: 2009

The Psychedelic Secrets of Santa

Major elements of the modern Christmas celebration are based upon the traditions surrounding the harvest and consumption of amanita muscaria, a mushroom considered sacred by

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First Person: Full Circle

by You: the Reader A collection of first-person, non-fiction essays written by you, the CATALYST reader. First Person was a popular occasional column that ran

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Soul Matters

compiled by Greta Belanger deJong We have searched our bookshelves and memories to bring you these little gifts. Enjoy! “I open the door. The gorgeous

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An Intellectual Outlet

by Katherine Pioli The new Jung Society of Utah invites all to learn about Carl Jung—and themselves. On a recent Thursday evening, the conference room

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A Warning to Nude Soakers

by Katherine Pioli Enjoying nighttime au naturale can land you a “lewdness” charge in Utah County. My weekend began as innocently as it should have

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