Issue Date: 2009-07

First Person

First Person Creative first-person essays written by CATALYST readers CATALYST Magazine announces the resurrection of First Person, a monthly collection of creative non-fiction essays written

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NASA and the End of the World

by Pax Rasmussen The Mayan prophecies for 2012 are getting scientific support from an unlikely source: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Normally, I’m not

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The Grey(water) Area

by Katherine Pioli Is greywater (the water that comes from bathtubs, showers, wash basins and clothes washers) use a boon or an environmental disaster? Facts

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The Ancient Art of Ayurveda

by Sunny Rose, C.AY, RYT Bringing balance in the summer season—a summer guide for living in harmony with yourself.Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing

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The Pleasures of Summer

by Francis Fecteau Sex, ice cream and other little deaths. The sultry wines of summer lead me down a very kinky road. Sur­prise creeps in

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