Illusions break down

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  The Fool, Beyond Illusions

Medicine Cards: Coyote, Badger

Mayan Oracle: Cimi, Maluc, Unity

Ancient Egyptian Tarot:  Four of Cups, Seven of Wands, Princess of Swords

Aleister Crowley Deck: Aleister Crowley Deck: Princess of Wands, Prince of Swords, Four of Swords

Healing Earth Tarot: Four of Feathers, Five of Feathers, Strength

Words of Truth:  Fear, Difference, Psychological Assessment, Sexuality

Sometimes death is a metaphor for something that the ego is holding onto and refusing to let go. Often, that thing has already outgrown its usefulness but the process of letting it go can feel like a death to an old identity. This month is about embracing the many faces of death.

Sometimes ego deaths are more painful than expected. And if you get caught up in denying that process, you can incur greater suffering. Clinging causes depression and despair. Hope arises and new life begins when you allow something to be released and move into its next level of expression and experience.

A beautiful old redwood tree may die and fall over but it becomes fertile ground for moss to grow and it softens the ground beneath it.

Deaths are not bad. They are just change.

Burdens can be lifted when you allow the process of death to bring surrender into your manner and being. You recognize where you desire control but perhaps no longer have it.

Forgiveness is another position of the metaphorical death that’s happening this month. Perhaps you have outgrown a part of yourself that served you well, just like the chrysalis that you grew to protect yourself while you transformed into a butterfly. But that chrysalis needs to be abandoned in the joyous expansion that you are becoming. Such a moment is not mourned but celebrated.

Muluc is the image of an eclipse. In this card, it appears that the Sun is swallowing the Moon. Such energy can make you feel lost, forgetful, confused and alarmed.

Where in your world are elements of power (the Sun) ignoring your deeper feelings (the Moon)?

Do you hear the cries of humanity? Do you notice what is happening in this world? Do you care about the world’s children?

I wish awareness would awaken without suffering. But our personal routine, mental beliefs and habits blind us from the truth.

It often takes huge events to  awaken us to the troubles that eat away at the tenuous stability that is our world.

In the many forms that death can take, unity emerges as a force of unconditional love, reminding us that we are all human beings. We all live and feel on this planet. We all have that spark of divinity that ignites this body. We are all a part of the mystery that seeks to explain the infinite. In all our expressions, we are light seeking to understand life.

But when the mind is allowed to make up stories that divide and separate, then conflicts arise, and all conflicts distort into more suffering. There are moments when that suffering cannot be ignored.

You cannot drink suffering away. You cannot escape into some mental illusion. You must resist the forces that tear at the critical balances in life.

We are in a moment when the only path is forward. And that direction holds no guarantees. But we do have the awareness that the past holds only forms of death.

The world seeks a new balance. And that balance will take great strength to manifest in a climate of chaos and hate.

Watch for those tricksters in life. Notice where you fall into your own traps. Foolishness creates folly. Notice those who stink but try to make you believe they are a rose.

This month it becomes clear that certain things are a real “pain” in your side. Some things are no longer funny. Be prepared for many deceptions coming your way. Make sure that the joke is not on you!

There will be those who attempt to make you feel old fears, pushing you into places where you become lost and confused.

In those moments, it will be time to push back. You will have to fight for what you want. This month you will have to use unconventional means as you persist in curing what is ailing you and your world.

Complaining and whining will get you nowhere.

Expect some to ignite in anger as their false reality comes crumbling down. Expect people to be fuming at feeling helpless and misdirected.

Regardless, this month will show aggressive actions of some kind. Healing sometimes needs aggressive actions to save the life of the organism. Raging infections need the heat of fire to burn away the infection threatening the life it is attached to. But to begin that journey towards healing requires courage and bravery. You are being asked to be willing to do what is necessary to heal, not just yourself, but this world.


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This article was originally published on February 26, 2020.