Haunted? I Say Get Rid of Those Ghosts

By Margaret Ruth

Hauntings are popular topics around this time of year and a natural question to many people is: “How do I get rid of ghosts?” The answer is very simple, although difficult to enact for some people. There is only one thing that needs to be done to be free of ghost energies and it is so important that without this one thing, no other technique can work.

I am a psychic who lives in an historical district that is only 2 blocks from an old cemetery. Nevertheless, there are absolutely no ghosts or negative energies in my house. The reason for this is I don’t enjoy ghosts and don’t want them around. It is that simple.capture-ghost

The only way to get rid of ghosts is to hold a firm, serious and clear intention to not allow them around you, whether in your home, office or anywhere you go. People uninterested ghosts, such as myself, tend to not attract them. If you either enjoy your ghosts or you are afraid of your ghosts, you will not be able to clear them out. Feeling attached to them either by liking them or fearing them means they will stick around. If you truly want them gone, you must hold a serious, deep intention an about their removal (and about them not coming back!).

The most effective way to remove ghosts is to state, and speaking out loud is best, firmly and clearly that all ghosts need to leave the house. This can often be all that is required if your intention is strong and clear.

However, that said, if you are currently struggling to get rid of residual negative energies or ghosts, there are ways to enhance your ghost-busting efforts. Any of these will work and the important aspect to choosing a method is that it aligns with your belief system and is meaningful to you. Here are four enhancements you can use and I have named them after the four Western Astrology elements: earth, air, fire, water.

Earth: The Salt Method

This method employs salt to accompany your verbal requests that the ghosts leave. It is best if you pick a salt that might have some meaning for you. For instance, I always use Kosher salt; others like to use Sea Salt. But, table salt is fine too.

Going room to room, on each floor of the building you are clearing, including attics and basements, you toss a bit of salt in each corner of the premises. Corners include every built-in shelf, cupboard and closet in addition to all room corners. As you toss the salt, you say out loud things like: “Goodbye now.” “So long.” “You need to leave now.” “Turn around and go towards the light.” “Turn around and see the heavens waiting for you.” Visualize a clear house as you speak and throw the salt.

Usually after doing the above, the house will feel much clearer and free of negative energy. Very persistent ghost energies might take several treatments, but if you’re serious about the ghosts leaving and keep at it, they have to go.

Air: Incense or Smudging

You can also use the smoke from incense or a sage smudge and waft the aromatic smoke into each corner of the building; don’t forget that you must get it into every corner, including built-in cupboards and shelves. Sage smudges are very popular here in the Western USA for clearing out bad energy. Choose incense that is meaningful to you. Cedar is good in the USA as it reminds us of keeping pests away. Other evocative aromas might be pine, citrus, or lavender.

Crack some windows, light the smudge or incense and then walk around the house, wafting the smoke into the corners, while holding something to catch the ashes. Say out loud the Good Bye statements.

Fire: Candle

Light candles to enhance your house clearing. White candles are excellent choices since white is a very pure, clear color. Or you could also choose candles with scents and colors that are meaningful to you. Just lighting one white candle can help you focus, but if you feel like it you can put a lit candle in every area of the house, as long as you remember to blow them all out when you are done.

Water: Blessed Water

Treat some water in a meaningful way and use sprinkles of this water in each corner. For instance, if you are religious you could ask your spiritual counselor or priest to give some water a blessing. Or, if you hold nature or children, for instance, as pure and perfect, then treat the water by having it stand under the moon overnight or in the children’s room. You could take a bottle of water and put symbols of purity or spirituality in it or around it and let it stand like that overnight. These, and any others you can think of, will work to create blessed water as long as it resonates with you.

Now, mix in the purified water with enough water to work with and go around the house sprinkling drops into every corner. Also say the Good Byes out loud and visual a clear house.

Like all rituals or ceremonies, the more you invoke your five senses, the more engaged you will be in the process. Therefore, you can choose to do any and all of the above. The key realization though is that that none of it will work without having a firm, solid intention to be rid of ghosts. The answer then to Who’re you gonna call ? is You. Your intentions will completely dictate the results.

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This article was originally published on October 28, 2009.