Gushing from the Depths

By Sunny Strasburg

by Sunny Strasburg

The oil spill as archetypal myth: Our collective reality is built from the stories we tell ourselves. What reality does the Deep Horizon story create?

strasburgIn the sleeping worlds, our dreams are filled with rich symbolism that gives us clues to what is on the cusp of our waking, emotional consciousness. Our emotional world follows the events of our lives and we detangle and unfurl our feelings in our nightly processes. But what if you viewed every character, every event and daily habitual occurrence in your waking reality through the lens of dream symbolism? Synchronicities, events, challenges, triumphs suddenly become meaningful. And we are given the opportunity to use these symbols to look deeper within, overcome what is blocking us emotionally and move toward more productive, emotionally balanced lives.


This article was originally published on July 30, 2010.