Guerrilla poster artist Robbie Conal’s latest work comes to SLC

By Staff

On September 23 a group calling themselves Utah Art Attack postered downtown, 9th & 9th and Sugar House with images supplied by the godfather of political guerrilla poster art, Robbie Conal.  This work features two separate images of Donald Trump in Conal’s signature grotesque portrait style.

Conal’s work has been seen in almost every major city in the US over the last 25 years, but the recent action marks the first time his work has appeared in Utah, according to spokesman Doug Prishpreed, Jr., who added, “It’s about damn time.”

Many of the aggressively unsettling caricatures were quickly defaced or removed, says Prishpreed, though some remain hanging and have even been enhanced.  In all, 35 were distributed in Salt Lake, with more rumored to be appearing in the Provo area.  More, he says, are on their way.

Conal’s work is highly collectible and appears in museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Prishpreed asks that if you appreciate the poster, please photograph it and share the photo, but leave the poster hanging for others to appreciate.

This article was originally published on October 12, 2016.