Green Beat: Pushing the green building envelope

By Margaret Ruth

by Margaret Ruth

Gorilla Design’s adventures in shipping container construction.

gorillaDominique and Eric Aragon’s garage isn’t a typical backyard garage. It manages the obvious job of sheltering two cars, of course, but it is so cool that Roi and Eric gave it a pet name, the “CFG,” meaning Cool F’ing Garage. It’s Salt Lake City’s first structure to follow a growing national and international trend of using surplus shipping containers as building blocks. “The Aragons wanted to push the envelope and see how green they could go,” says Roi Maufas of Gorilla Design, the firm that designed and managed the construction project. Salt Lake’s first shipping container structure is one high-class garage. Gorilla Design partnered with Dominique and Eric Aragon of 4R Innovations to produce a model of sustainable building at less than conventional building costs.



This article was originally published on June 30, 2010.