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Ham it up

A local guide to your favorite Easter meat Ham is high on the list of favorites at our house. It is versatile. Leftovers are gifts.

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We have a food waste crisis

Waste Solutions rescues healthy edible food Food insecurity, where a person is without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food, affects about

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Farmers and foodies unite

Calling all lovers and growers of “real” food: Meet Joel Salatin, Sally Fallon, Gary Paul Nabhan and others at the 2019 Utah Farm and Food

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Spice Kitchen Incubator

Refugees are encouraged to follow their dreams of starting their own food businesses with the help provided by Spice Kitchen Incubator.

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Francis Fecteau

by Katherine Pioli The man behind the movement toward organic and biodynamic wines in Utah. Also: ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC WINE CAMP: Utah restaurateurs learn the

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