February 8-16 — Moving On

By Christopher Renstrom

My boyfriend and I broke up two years ago. His birthday is 2-24-61. I see him at work occasionally and last week I heard him talking to a few other folks and then after he left, I puked. It wasn’t cool. I don’t understand why he still has that effect on me. I have tried daily affirmations, manifestations, good thoughts and feel like I keep ending up in the same place; like I can’t move on. I recently started being a couple with another guy, and he seems nice and caring but something seems off. His birthday is 5-11-66. I assumed if I found someone else to concentrate on then the first guy would just kind of disappear out of my mind or heart or something. I don’t want to be using the new guy either. I also just declared bankruptcy this week as well. I am wondering what you see coming up for me. Can you give me some guidance? Kathy, 11-28-70. I live in Eagan, Minnesota.

It can’t be easy working at the same place as your Ex. Even if you’ve moved on romantically, it sounds like the pain of the break-up is still there. His Ruling Planet Neptune is conjunct your Ruling Planet Jupiter in Scorpio so you will always feel like he got off easy or that he doesn’t have to answer for what went down between you. This feeds into your retrograde Venus in Scorpio which can be very fixed and unforgiving. We all need to be a little fixed and unforgiving in order to be resolute, but this break up took place two years ago and it sounds to me like the real person who’s suffering from all of this angry energy is you, not him.

The best solution is to start looking for a new job situation. Thankfully your Ruling Planet Jupiter entered Pisces on January 17. Pisces is a Jupiter ruled sign (just like your sign, Sagittarius) so this will increase your eligibility on the job market. Indeed prime times for interviewing would be February 18 through March 19 and then again from April 11 through 19. You’re bound to find something that will be just as good as what you have now—and probably even better. Something else to look forward to is June 8th when you Ruling Planet Jupiter conjoins revolutionary Uranus in Aries. This is a game-changing aspect in Astrology and it will chase away that dark cloud you’ve been living under since September 2007. But you’re going to have to work with what life throws your way and not remain closed off to the possibilities—even if they seem farfetched. You need to embrace the spirit of adventure that this fiery energy brings and to reinvent yourself.

As for the fellow you’re seeing now, I think he’s good for what you need at the moment and you shouldn’t feel guilty about turning to someone for support and companionship. This summer will bring many changes and you need to be free to pursue them. Go ahead and take that leap of faith and I’m sure that you’ll like where you land after September 18th.

This article was originally published on February 8, 2010.