February 21-27 — Other people’s money

By Christopher Renstrom

I noticed that the solar eclipse will be in 19 degrees Cancer this July. My Jupiter is at 18 degrees Cancer in my 8th house. I think the 8th house has to do with other people’s money. Would that be a good time to buy lottery tickets? Will that solar eclipse affect that house in my chart? My birthday is October 1, 1930, 10:00 AM, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 8th house is known as the house of sex, death, and other people’s money in Astrology. Its meaning stems from the fact that it sits opposite the 2nd house in your horoscope. The 2nd house describes your wealth and possessions. This is where you look to see how you’ll do in life and whether or not you’ll enjoy economic security. When you count six houses away on the horoscope you reach the 8th house which is actually your partner’s 2nd house. The reason why the 8th house is known as “other people’s money” is because it describes those things that belong to your spouse (or anyone you may be looking to do business with). Now how do we access our spouse’s money? Through marriage. A traditional marriage is consummated in the bedroom (that’s the sex part) and/or you inherit your spouse’s money (or debts) when he or she dies. The 8th house is where astrologers look to determine the sexual and financial compatibility of potential mates.

Now to be born with Jupiter in Cancer is a very good thing. Jupiter is the planet of fortune and it is exalted (which means that it’s most powerful) when it is Cancer. Moreover Jupiter rules lotteries because it is also the planet of government and lotteries are usually state run nowadays. These would be indicators that would work in your favor. Yet what gives me moment for pause is that we’re talking about a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are famous for introducing radical changes into your life. Again this could be linked to a surprise win (Jupiter is the planet of windfalls), but the problem is that it’s taking place in your 8th house which means that it’s your spouse—not you—who stands to gain. Now the obvious solution would be to get your spouse to go buy lottery tickets on that day, but it’s not that easy because Mars (the planet of conflict) and Pluto (the planet of ordeals and the transformations that arise from them) are also just one degree away from that eclipse point in your horoscope. This suggests that even if you win you’d lose given that Mars and Pluto could bring a dispute, a counter-claim, or a lawsuit. My advice would be to leave well enough alone and to not tempt Fate during this time. But does that mean that buying lottery tickets is strictly verboten? Not necessarily. In fact you might do better during the time when Jupiter in Pisces is forming a grand trine in water in your horoscope. This would be in April 2010 with April 5 through the 23d looking pretty good. I’m not saying you’ll win big, but you might get a little something.

This article was originally published on February 21, 2010.