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Environews: What to do…

By Amy Brunvand
  1. Go outside. Reaffirm your values and remind yourself of what you are trying to protect.
  2. Identify citizen groups that are working on issues you care about. Become a member. Donate money, or if you don’t have money, volunteer time.
  3. Information is power! Get on the e-mail lists of lots of environmental groups. People from these organizations track proposed legislation and policy, and attend public meetings to keep informed about the issues. (See also #4).
  4. Read the newspaper. Fake news was a real problem in the November election.
  5. Be prepared to work like crazy. It will be two years before the next mid-term election.
  6. Show up! Go to protests, volunteer events, fund raisers and social get-togethers. Get to know the other people who are working with you to save the Earth.
  7. Know your politicians. There are people who represent you in city, county, state and federal government. Learn their names and contact them regularly about issues you care about.
  8. Be pro-active as well as re-active. Work for a better world, and not just to stop the bad stuff.


Amy Brunvand is an academic librarian who currently works in the University of Utah Sustainability Office, coordinating sustainability education, research and initiatives at the University.

This article was originally published on December 5, 2016.