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Environews: Utah Legislature 2019 General Session, January 28-March 14

By Amy Brunvand

Each year the Utah Legislature considers various laws that affect clean air, clean water, public lands, wildlife and other environmental concerns. Surprisingly, legislators often don’t know much about the bills they vote on. People like you need to help them learn.

Sign up for email legislative alerts from groups you support! They’ll help you track environmental legislation and tell the good bills from the bad. Groups like HEAL Utah and the Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club Citizen offer training for citizen lobbyists.

You can be sure that Utah legislators will hear from industry lobbyists. Make sure they hear from you as well! Here are some useful links:

HEAL Utah Bill Tracker

Citizen Lobbying with HEAL Utah

Sierra Club, Political Committee of the Utah Chapter

DEQ Environmental Bill Tracker

Utah Legislature (click on My Legislators to find out who represents you).

This article was originally published on February 5, 2019.