EnviroNews: Keep your recycling out of the dump

By Amy Brunvand

China’s “National Sword” policy, enacted in January 2018, has changed the landscape for recycling in Utah.

In the past, the contents of curbside blue bins were loaded into shipping containers and sent overseas. Now, the U.S. is trying to build back its own recycling capacity. That means it’s especially important to keep your blue bin uncontaminated.

These rules are for Salt Lake City. If you don’t live in Salt Lake City, look up the rules for the place where you live.

YES: Cardboard boxes and packaging, paper, plastic containers, paper bags.

NO:  Plastic and Styrofoam packaging material, bubble wrap, plastic bags, thin plastic wrap,  dog food bags,  cardboard packaging stained by food.

SLC.gov/ What can I pub in my blue recycling can? https://bit.ly/2Mm5F2J


This is an excerpt from our January EnviroNews column. View the full article here.

This article was originally published on January 6, 2020.