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Environews: Central Wasatch stewardship

By Amy Brunvand

The Central Wasatch Commission is the governmental entity that emerged from the Mountain Accord process, which focuses on  transportation, economy, recreation and environmental stewardship for Central Wasatch Mountains. The organization, headed by former SLC mayor Ralph Becker, recently approved funding for short-term projects that were identified earlier this year in their Call for Ideas.

The projects, in collaboration with citizen, business, environmental and government groups, include trail-head potties for Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons; a “wag bag” dispenser at the Jacob’s Ladder trailhead to enable hikers and backpackers to pack out their poo; erosion-abating bridges for the Dog Lake trail; and watershed solvent-safe graffiti removal.

Funding also includes support for Utah Open Lands to purchase a critical link for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. As of June 20, Utah Open Lands still needs to raise $702,000 for the land purchase.


Utah Open Lands.: utahopenlands.org

This is an excerpt from our July Environews column. View the full article here

This article was originally published on July 3, 2020.