Environews: Bears Ears gains in public approval

By Amy Brunvand

The more Utah citizens learn about the proposal to designate a Bears Ears National Monument in southern Utah, the more they seem to like the idea. Recent polling shows public approval for the monument at 71%.

However the mere idea has sent Utah legislators into an anti-federal government frenzy. On May 18, the Utah Legislature called a special session to denounce the Bears Ears proposal as “egregious federal overreach” and a threat to no less than “life, liberty and happiness.” During discussion, anti monument lawmakers indicated they believe President Obama is planning to designate three new monuments in Utah under the Antiquities Act. May it be so.

H.C.R 201, 2016: le.utah.gov/~2016S2/bills/static/HCR201.html

This article was originally published on June 28, 2016.