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Environews: And in San Juan County

By Amy Brunvand

Thanks to a lawsuit against race-based gerrymandering, two Navajo tribal members, Kenneth Maryboy and Willie Grayeyes, were elected to the San Juan County Commission. Both of them support the original boundaries of Bears Ears National Monument.

Not pleased with the voting result, San Juan County’s white Republican leaders have filed an appeal to can the court’s earlier ruling. ”As expected, if you pack a super majority of Navajo, Democratic voters in districts, they’re going to win,” San Juan County attorney Jesse Trentadue stated, apparently without irony..

Unfortunately, San Juan County sent their old, anti-environmental commissioner to the Utah Legislature. In District 73, Phil Lyman replaces the retiring Mike Noel. In 2015, Lyman was found guilty of misdemeanor trespass and conspiracy for his role in leading an illegal off-road rally associated with militant anti-federalist Cliven Bundy.

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This article was originally published on December 10, 2018.