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Editor’s Notebook: Tooting Our Horn

By Greta Belanger deJong

Attending this year’s Utah chapter of the Society of Professional Journalism’s banquet at Frida Bistro was as gratifying as it was inspiring. We walked away with an ever-increasing respect for our peers in the publishing world and with a boatload of awards from Division B—15 in all—for CATALYST and its writers.

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1st place:

#1 Best magazine cover:
Polly Plummer Mottonen, Love Your Lungs. January 2014.
#1 Business/Consumer Reporting: Katherine Pioli, Utah’s Mountain Valley Seed Company: Traditional methods take root for a new generation. March 2014, p. 19.

Screen Shot 2015 08 04 at 2.17.40 PM#1 General feature:
Jim Taylor, Cosmic Airplane: A Love Story: One man’s memories of the rise and demise of a game-changing establishment in down town Salt Lake and the era that spawned it. July 2014, page 14.
#1 Education Reporting:
Katherine Pioli, A new kind of survival school: Luke McLaughlin’s gentle approach may reach a wider audience. October 2014, p. 20.

#1 Medical/Science Reporting:
Alice Toler, Your Brain on Altitude: Utah Brain Institute neuroscientists find promise in natural supplements for treating altitude-related depression and suicide risk. December 2014, p. 10.
#1 Personality Profile:
Sophie Silverstone, Talia Keys: Bringing down the house, rain or shine. June 2014, p. 19.

Screen Shot 2015 08 04 at 2.29.00 PM

2nd place

Best newspaper:
CATALYST Magazine, 2014.

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Business/Consumer Reporting:
Chris Gleason, Urban Farm and Feed: Murray Store Celebrates its first year in business. January 2014, p. 23.

from Pilgrims & Partiers by Jennifer McGrew


Medical/Science Reporting:
Diane Olson, Get dirty, get happy: M. Vaccae, a bacteria commonly found in soil, is literally an antidepressant. April 2014, p. 18.

Personality profile:
Katherine Pioli, Ardean Watts: Porcini patriarch. May 2014, p. 17.

Jennifer McGrew, Pilgrims and partiers: Removing the sting of class differences among Comic Con cosplayers. April 2014, p. 12.

3rd place

Opinion column:
Pax Rasmussen, Biting the culture I’ve come from and walking away in search of something new. September 2014, p. 13.

Marjorie McCloy, Air Quality series, October 2013-February 2014. Link to: February 2014 – Bills On the Hill | January 2014 – The Air Indoors | December 2013 – Air Activist: The Good-Air Citizen | November 2013 – Up To Snuff? | October 2013 – What Causes SLC’s Air Pollution-And Why You Should Care

Screen Shot 2015 08 04 at 3.03.14 PM


Honorable mention

Katherine Pioli, The Ebb and Flow of Jazz. November 2014, p. 11.

Magazine feature:
Alice Toler, Meth in a rhinestone dress: Remembering when the cocaine trade came and the island went to hell. November 2014, p. 19.

Congratulations all!

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This article was originally published on August 1, 2015.