Editor’s Notebook, Features and Occasionals

Editor’s Notebook

By Greta Belanger deJong

In October, Pax Rasmussen wrote about CATALYST receiving a special status from the State of Utah, the L3C (low profit/limited liability corporation). This means we have a mission bigger than making money. But that’s probably something you’ve known all along.

We have a small stable of terrific supporters who have believed in us through the years: Golden Braid Books, Oasis Cafe, the Pago Group, Dancing Cranes, Cafe Solstice, Un­derfoot Floors, Healing Mountain Massage School, Ann Larsen Resi­dential Design, Red Lotus/ Urgyen Samten Ling Gonpa Buddhist Tem­ple, Coffee Garden, Mindful Yoga Collective, Blue Boutique, Omar’s Raw­to­pia, Penniann Schumann, Two Arrows Zen, Babs DeLay, Dan Schmidt, Harrington Wealth, Elaine Bell, Lotus, Best Friends, the Downtown Alliance, the People’s Market, Red Butte Gar­den, the Inner Light Center—these people and organizations have sustained us month after month, through the years. Others have shown up for us, too, befitting their needs. And some of our Community Resource Directory members have been with us practically since the beginning. This is our sole source of income to cover the print bill, distribution, writers, office and tech staff, phone bills and the like. We thank every one of our advertisers from the bottom of our heart.

And oh, the writers, my precious ones. Month after month, year after year, they deliver. How many people have a better sense of Utah environmental politics because of Amy Brunvand, or participate in some aspect of the local dance scene because of her writing? Dennis Hinkamp continues to reflect and amuse. You can’t get Charlotte Bell’s wise and gentle yoga instructions, with accompanying life observations anywhere else in print. Suzanne Wagner has been offering Metaphors to CATALYST readers since the 1990s. James Loomis, garden writer, is surely inspiring a new generation of dirt worshippers. I’m thrilled that Diane Olson, who was a constant in these pages for 17 years, is returning with this issue. And my two stars, Katherine Pioli and Alice Toler, who take assignments and run like pro’s, which they are: Those two constantly renew my interest in bringing you stories worth your (and their) time. Then there’s my beloved wasband, John deJong and his rants. What would CAT be without them? We also appreciate our occasional contributors. greta

Now, my staff—talk about precious: Polly Plummer Mottonen has been making these pages beautiful for… well, frankly I can’t remember when she didn’t work here. Rocky Lind­gren has helped out for decades, too. They are both troopers, known to do what needs to be done regardless of the hour. Pax Rasmussen is no longer on the premises, but his constance from afar is critical. Be­sides his deep and clever thoughts about politics, John deJong does billing and the tech part of layout and co-manages distribution with Sophie Silverstone, who also handles social media and writes. Lori Mertz works hard to get new clients, fields incoming phone calls and does whatever needs doing. In addition to her own writing, Katherine Pioli helps me with developing ideas, assigning writers, editing stories and proofing. Carolynn Bottino keeps the books straight and offers straight-on advice. Jane Lyon works with me on the Weekly Reader. I send gratitude as well to our other Jane, Jane Laird, who was in touch with all the advertisers for many years before her departure this past July.

The financial supporters whose messages we share with you; the writers; the staff. Then there’s you, the reader. You are the reason we do this. We deliver you the goods. We hope you find it valuable because, without you, our work is empty. Thank you for being here.

This is difficult to write: We have come upon challenging times, and CATALYST needs help if it’s going to survive. Exactly what form that help takes will soon be determined; I’m putting you on alert now. Certainly, if you know of a business that is a fit, please encourage them to advertise with us. Thank the ones that already do. And if one of those crowd-funding things with our name on it shows up somewhere in your virtual or physical world, please give it the time of day.

Whatever happens: I am so honored that I’ve gotten to birth and tend to this beautiful creature CATALYST over the past 34 years. Regarding the future, I’m open to input. Please contact me by email, Greta@CatalystMagazine.net, with your thoughts. Thank you.

This article was originally published on December 2, 2015.