Easter Feasting: To the Source!

March 1, 2013

Adele Flail
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Easter is on Sunday, March 31 this year. If your celebration of physical and spiritual renewal features dyed eggs, a roast ham or lamb, consider purchasing directly from one of Utah’s farmers. However, many of these producers run small-scale, family-run operations, so get in touch with them early in the month to reserve your Easter dinner. (If your Easter celebration includes some of the more esoteric cultural trappings—willow switches and mystery novels, anyone?—you’re on your own.)

Brent’s Farm
When we urge you to patronize local food producers, we really mean it here at CATALYST. If you’re looking for local eggs, you can’t get more local than Brent’s Farm—unless a chicken is perching somewhere on your person. This tiny operation, located downtown not far from Whole Foods, boasts a tight team of 13 chickens and two ducks. Brent, owner of the eponymous organization, sells the chicken eggs by the dozen ($4) and the duck eggs individually (60 cents each). The birds are free range, and fed with organic feed and fresh scraps from the garden. The eggs even come pre-dyed, with several americaunas in Brent’s eclectic mix of breeds.
The poultry is a new venture for the farm; for the past seven years, Brent has sold ready-to-fruit blackberry and raspberry plants.
brentrocque@gmail.com (801) 310-1655

Christiansen’s Family Farm
Located in Vernon, Utah, Christiansen’s Family Farm is entirely run by Denmark-native Christian and Utah-native wife Hollie (with help from their four young children). The pigs are primarily pasture raised, and their feed is 100% non-GMO Utah-grown grain. Although the farm currently isn’t offering hams, consider using Easter as an opportunity to stock up on a half or whole pig; the meat comes butchered and vacuum packed; CSA shares are also available, providing 30 lbs of pork. Ham and bacon is provided cured or uncured.
Their hens aren’t laying yet but the family reports that they will have eggs in the near future. Christiansen’s Family Farm does a monthly drop in South Jordan, at 2100 South 300 West; March’s drop is scheduled for the 16th, but another may be offered on March 23rd, depending on demand.
http://christiansenfarm.com (435) 839-3482

Clifford Family Farm
Julie Clifford of Provo-based Clifford Family Farm (whom you may remember from our “Slow is Beautiful” profile in the December issue) is offering eggs and pork for the Easter celebration season. She notes that while she usually keeps several hams in stock, those interested in obtaining one should be sure to contact her before mid-March to have one in time for the 31st. The Cliffords do a weekly Monday drop in Salt Lake at 738 S 600 E; Clifford Farm pork and eggs can also now be found at the Farmers Market Store on 5823 S. State Street in Murray.
http://cliffordfamilyfarm.com (801) 368-7250.

Paisley Farms
Four generations of the Thayne family—now-native Utahns with roots in the Scottish town of Paisley—run this operation, focusing on producing humanely treated pork. The farm is certified with Global Animal Partnership (globalanimalpartnership.org/); the farm is at step 4, with the hogs living a pasture-centered life during the summer months, fed on harvested grass and hay during the wintertime. Those interested in buying pork products directly from the Thaynes should contact the Farm early in the month, as it takes two weeks and a little for curing of the meat—Tim Thayne will schedule a drop-off in Salt Lake sometime in March, depending on interest. Paisley Farm products are also available at Whole Foods locations in Utah.
http://paisleyfarms.com/ (801) 885-9900

Three Shepherds Lamb
Although running low on Easter lamb, Three Shepherds Lamb—a name which refers to Justin Zenger and his two grade-school age sons—is taking orders for their fall lambs. The Elsinore farm has been in the family of Libby Zenger (wife to Justin and mother to the other “shepherds”) since her great-grandfather settled and built the house in 1870s. The couple moved back to the farm in their 20s, and first tried to start a vineyard, before going with sheep in 2002, and have been growing the operation at a slow, steady pace ever since. The family sells whole and half lambs in the spring and fall, and offers front door delivery services. (435) 979-3206

Utah Natural Meat
If you’d like to stock up on eggs, ham, and lamb , stop by the Bowler family farm, Utah Natural Meat. The three-generation operation offers cuts of lamb, including chops, shanks, leg of lamb, and shoulder roasts, as well as ham on a first-come, first served basis. The hogs are grass-fed, and their hams are cured without the use of sodium nitrate. Eggs and separate cuts can be purchased at their store in West Jordan (7402 S 5490 W, hours are Thursday 2-5:30, Saturday, 9-noon.)
http://utahnaturalmeat.com (801) 896-FARM.