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The Timing of Eternity: Electional Astrology

By John deJong

You might marry for time and eternity, but it doesn’t have to seem like eternity. If you get it right, you’ll be amazed to find that 20 or 30 years have passed and you still love your partner at least as much as you did when you said “I do.” Not much in a wedding is left to chance—with the distinct exception of the wedding date. It’s usually chosen to fit the travel plans of out-of-town guests, and on a day when the celebration can go well into the night. If you’ve ever consulted an astrologer or asked someone, maybe even the one, what their sign is, you may be interested to know that when you marry is important. That’s where electional astrology comes in.

Electional astrology deals with the auspicious and inauspicious times to do things. If you believe that nature’s cycles affect character and personality, then it makes sense that there’s an effect from when, in a cycle, something occurs.

Take, for example, this writer and the founder and editor of CATALYST. Our meeting had been foreseen by both a psychic and an engineer. The psychic, who saw things on a sort of ethereal television screen over the querent’s head, told Greta that she would soon meet the man for her in a pond that he had built with his own hands. The engineer, this writer, built a pond-sized hot tub in his backyard and was waiting for the right woman to appear. Four years later—and three weeks after the prediction—the woman showed up. Nine months later, we were engaged.

Wedding preparations were going like clockwork until astrologer and CATALYST cofounder Victoria Fugit offered to do an electional reading for our wedding date. Turns out the date we picked to satisfy travel and party considerations was one of the worst possible dates of the year.

Fortunately, the day before our chosen date was especially celestially auspicious. So, we were secretly married the day before in the garden of a house hidden behind shrubbery on Sixth South. The stress of “getting married” over, all we worried about on our wedding day was whether the star projector (one of the first digital projectors used in a planetarium) in the Hansen Planetar­i­um, site of our public ceremony (which is now the magnificent showroom for O.C. Tan­ner), would execute its custom star dance.

An astrologer might be one of the first people to tell about your engagement, certainly before you tell any out-of-town guests.

In essence, all of astrology is about surfing waves of energy. Every wave has peaks and troughs, and steep descents and ascents – times when things are changing fastest for the worse or better.

It’s complicated enough with just one wave. Now, imagine that the wave is really a dozen waves all interacting with each other. Life’s cycles are like that, only more complicated.

Electional astrology will also help you choose the timing of other important life decisions and changes. Are you thinking of going into business? Taking a big vacation? Entering into an important contract? That, after all, is what a marriage is.

Because it involves two charts and all the resulting interactions, an electional astrology reading is more work and, thus, more expensive than a regular reading. In the case of a wedding, it is money particularly well-spent.

With electional astrology, the more specific you can be with your desires, the better. Clearly communicating your intentions for your marriage to your astrologer is very important. The “best time to marry” may get you a marriage that lasts, even though you’d wish it would end; it pays to be specific.

In retrospect, I think we must have chosen the best date for eternal love.

Our marriage lasted 20 years. Nine years after divorce, we are still very much family and continue to love each other, working and traveling together. I think we’re an electional astrology succcess story. As I said, you’ve got to be specific when you state your desires.

John deJong is associate publisher of CATALYST. Victoria Fugit remains a constant friend to CATALYST. She is passionate about Southern Utah, landscape painting and astrology. Her monthly astrology column appears in Moab Happenings. Read it at http://bit.ly/1EHlCrZ. Contact her at 435.259.9417 or VFugit@etv.net

This article was originally published on May 1, 2015.