December 2020 This month is a reminder that it is up to each of us personally to find our own source and divine connection

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  Creativity, Intensity, The Miser

Medicine Cards: Buffalo, Lizard, Spider

Mayan Oracle: Language of Light, Etznab

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Queen of Swords, The Hermit, Princess of Cups

Aleister Crowley Deck: Princess of Swords Prince of Disks, Power

Healing Earth Tarot: Grandfather of Wands, Temperance, Grandmother of Shields

Words of Truth: Rebellion, Powerless, Grief


We stand at an interdimensional gateway that leads us toward or away from our light body. Sensations are heightened as the vibration of our world quickens. We have all been on a journey to expand our perceptions.

A multitude of symbols present themselves in our world this month. Notice the themes that repeat. When that happens, grab a book on symbolism or go to the internet and look up the deeper meanings. That’s just a beginning;  symbols have personal meanings, as well.

Guides and angels are showing us things that align with our previous experiences. Now they want to expand and deepen our perceptive abilities.

There is a doorway to integration and unification. There is a place where love is offered with grace. Together, we stand in that space.

With Etznab, we see that the mirrors of judment and illusion accentuate self-doubt and magnify problems. However, some mirrors provided by others are projections of their own issues.

Truth has an ability to help us stand in the doorway between the duality and the polarity of this world. While the world can feel caught in the distortions of the mind, know that we have inner clarity to help us discover that which is bigger than our own experience.

We are in a powerful time of immense change that is not like anything we have ever witnessed.

All things need to find their flow. Water that is not allowed to move becomes stagnant. To navigate these waters, we must remember that  that the game is not about acquiring but about discovering our deepest innermost self.

This month is a reminder that, with due respect to the great sages and teachers, it is up to each of us personally to find our own source and divine connection.

Our personal path is unique and one that must be experienced to be understood. The past many years have been intense for a reason, and that was for the light within us to begin to burn more brightly and engulf us in what is our personal code and gift to this world.

We are here to give our love to the world. We are here to make life our meditation. We are here to dive into the desire realms of humanity and rekindle independent self-reliance and instinctual confidence.

The Hermit card indicates that we are in a time of conscious withdrawal and isolation. Winter is the perfect time for such contemplative action.

Guidance and foresight come from stillness. Wisdom comes from recognizing that we each must learn to control the thoughts that come in, especially those that disrupt peace.

We are learning to keep our romantic heart but to support it with a realistic mind that will not be held back by nostalgic idealism.

Expressions of rebellion are based on grief. Yet the Medicine cards show us that even though we are in the direction of the cold and bitter energy of the north, Buffalo is strong and determined to keep us moving forward through the deep snow and down the mountain toward greener pastures.

The Lizard reminds us to sleep deeply and allow our dreams to formulate a new vision for ourselves and those we love. And the Spider will help us cultivate the skills and proper words to unify the broken web of our nation and allow healing to unfold in the way that allows us to become One Nation again.

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I send a fond farewell to the Old

CATALYST and to the great people who have worked so tirelessly on behalf of a spiritual community that has transformed this state over the last 38  years. We owe a debt of gratitude to Greta deJong and her amazing staff. They have supported a community that is about unification and healing via thoughtful information.

Thank you, Greta, for allowing me to be a part of the Catalyst family. I hope you have a fabulous retirement—one filled with the health and well-being that you so graciously championed for the rest of us.

As CATALYST goes through this change, I hope to see all of you again on the other side as we shift into a new and more modern engagement with this great state of Utah.

This article was originally published on November 30, 2020.