Creating a Sense of Home

By Paul Gahlinger

Home is about comfort and acceptance. The first step in creating your home is to see that your location is compatible, friendly, and protecting. That it welcomes you. The second step is to convince yourself that you are entitled to be there, that you are part of that place. Some might shrug this off as a kind of mind game, and maybe it is. But it is no different than any other approach to a place. You can choose how you want to see it. The key to being at home is to see yourself as a natural part of the environment. This is true not only for a physical place, but also in social settings, or even among animals—who quickly sense whether you feel that you belong. Whenever you are in a place that feels exposed, uncomfortable, or frightening, tell yourself “I am at home—here, now.” It is remarkable how that can change everything.

This article was originally published on January 31, 2007.