On the Cover

On the Cover: Renee Sarasvati

By Staff

Renee is a lifelong self taught artist and photographer, creating works of art from the soul. She is also a Reiki Master, runs sacred cacao heart-opening ceremonies, and is a professional tarot reader, often reading at private events. When collaborating with people, whether in a photo shoot or a custom painting, she loves tapping into the creative universe to capture their beautiful essence of being through a visual expression. Sometimes she receives psychic visions of what she is supposed to create for someone and other times, people get involved in the creation process/collaboration.

This month’s CATALYST cover is a photograph of local artist, healer, yoga instructor and tribal belly dancer Trisha McBride trishamcbride.com—a stock photo shoot for fun, taken in the Avenues last summer. Although Renee’s work tends to lean toward spiritual and visionary art, she is also available to work on family, business or commercial projects.

A large body of her work is available as royalty-free stock photography at iStockphoto.com/renphoto. See more of her work at RenSarasvati.com.

“With an artist soul, I choose to see things differently and live creatively. I am open to transforming, shifting paradigms & realities…To explore human potential and consciousness… To see imperfections as perfection… And then express it all through my life & artwork in many mediums.”  —Renee Sarasvati

This article was originally published on December 31, 2016.