On the Cover

On the Cover: June 2018

By Staff

“Nectar,” by Paul J. Marto, Jr.

The stresses of everyday life do their best to rob us of simple pleasures like enjoying a glorious sunrise, witnessing a dramatic lightning strike or gazing upon a majestic raptor effortlessly riding the thermals,” says Californian-turned-Utahn Paul Marto. “I strive to present vivid photographs that will both inspire and educate. I want my photography to serve as a constant reminder that we are not alone; that life is not all about us; that we can rejuvenate our collective souls with beauty and joy, if we only dare to take our eyes off of ourselves and truly start seeing the amazing world in which we live.”

Marto’s work has been highlighted by National Geographic and Audubon Society. He is a regular contributing writer to Extraordinary Vision Outdoor Photography Magazine. His photographs have won numerous photo contests. Red Butte Garden featured his photographs for three weeks last summer and, more recently, they were seen at the West Jordan Arts Council’s Schorr Gallery.

The Art Cottage in Gardner Village sells selected framed and matted prints and a wide selection of his greeting cards. A book of his images, Glorious Nature (Rebel Press, 2017), is available from Amazon. All images are available for purchase; send him an email if you are interested.



This article was originally published on May 31, 2018.