On the Cover

On the Cover: August 2017

By Austen Diamond

Artist at Home: Nathan Florence, by Austen Diamond.

Despite Austen Diamond’s extensive experience working as a journalist and editor, he’s notoriously ter­rible at Scrabble—even worse at Bananagrams. Some think that’s why he mostly takes pictures these days.

As a photographer, he specializes in candid and modern wedding photography for adventurous couples, commercial photography for the travel and tourism industry, and creative portraiture. Said another way: He takes photos of brides, rocks and sandwiches. He insists that it’s more fun than it sounds.

When not working, he enjoys being next to a campfire and spending time with his partner, Julia, and their Portuguese water dog puppy, Everett. You can see his wedding portfolio at www.austendiamondphotography.com and a smattering of other things at www.13percentsalt.com.

This article was originally published on August 1, 2017.