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By Staff

Contribute to CATALYST Magazine

It’s our advertisers and supporters who keep us going!




CATALYST Magazine has recently filed for non-profit, 501(c)3 status!

We’re excited about the opportunity to ask our community directly for support.

Click here to donate to CATALYST! The link will take you to a page on the Community Foundation of Utah’s page (they’re our feduciary partner until our non-profit status is approved by the IRS), where you can submit your donation.

Or, contribute with a check made out to CFU (earmark for Common Good Press). Send to CATALYST, 140 S. McClelland St., SLC, UT 84102. Our non-profit name is “Common Good Press”—that’s the name of the organization we’re incorporating that will be ‘operating’ CATALYST in the future!

We can’t express how much we thank you for supporting CATALYST. We’ve been proud to provide Utah with resources for creative living since 1983, and although the small-business model is no longer sustainable, we’re thrilled to move into this new era as a non-profit organization!

Although CATALYST is now a non-profit organization, we’re still, of course, proud to provide Utah’s alternative, holistic, green, and artistic communities with a great place to reach an audience that is invested in their contributions! Click here to learn more about advertising in our magazine, and to find a copy of our Media Kit.

We offer several affordable ways to advertise your product or service, including display advertising, our Community Resource Directory and website ads.


This article was originally published on December 17, 2015.