Comings and Goings, Regulars and Shorts

Comings & Goings: March 2007

By Pax Rasmussen

What's new around town.
by Pax Rasmussen

Fair Game on KCPW
KCPW announces plans to air "Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie," produced by Public Radio International.  Based in New York, "Fair Game" is a news and entertainment program hosted by Faith Salie, possibly the only Rhodes Scholar who performs comedy intentionally. "Fair Game" covers the important stories of the day and uses insightful humor to tease out what it all means. The show also features newsmaker and celebrity interviews, live music and regular appearances by the country's best comedians – a variety show for the highest common denominator. "Fair Game from PRI" will begin airing Monday through Thursday at 7pm on February 26th, following "All Things Considered." In addition, "Open Source" with Chris Lydon moves to 8pm. "To The Point" will be dropped from KCPW's schedule.
KCPW, 88.3FM, 1010AM,

Pragmatic Design says "sustainable"
Designer Travis Dinsmore has opened Pragmatic Design, a custom design-build company that focuses on custom cabinetry and fine furniture. They specialize in sustainable green design and avoid using endangered woods or environmentally harmful products.

c&grolfersRolfers Relocate
After two-plus years in their downtown office, certified Rolfers Mary Phillips and Paul Wirth have moved. Their new office, just west of Brickyard Plaza, is in a historic brick house. They continue to offer Rolfing(r) Structural Integration, a form of bodywork that helps clients bring about and maintain balance in their bodies, minimizing pain and effort, and encourages ease and strength.
3194 S 1100 E, Suite 203, Paul: 638-0021, Mary: 809-2560,

Chris and Lila returnc&glila&chris
Lila & Chris Harding-Change your Life Experts-have returned to Salt Lake City after three and a half years in Southern Utah. They're here to bring their inspirational coaching approach to women who want to live more integrated, passionate and purpose-centered lives. A warm and playful couple, Lila and Chris are introducing a unique program that pairs personalized coaching with small groups to help women move through change with the support they need to achieve their desired results.


Utah Backcountry Volunteers
Founder and Director Dave Pacheco has started Utah Backcountry Volunteers to systematically provide Utah's public land agencies the volunteers they need to restore, repair and maintain our public lands. The new organization provides affordable, week-long volunteer opportunities through service trips to Utah's most spectacular public lands.
Pacheco has worked as a grassroots organizer for many environmental and progressive organizations, most recently for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.
PO Box 526197, Salt Lake City, UT 84152-6197, 435-785-8955,

c&gfrostyFrosty Darling
Local artist Gentry Blackburn has opened Frosty Darling, featuring handmade goods by local and national artists. The shop also sells other items such as handmade pillows, clothing, furniture and gifts.
Next door to Kayo Gallery, 177 E Broadway, 541-6283,



Kayo Gallery Reopens
They've moved just down the street! Now selling art supplies, as well.

177 E Broadway, 450-5408.



This article was originally published on February 28, 2007.