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Comings & Goings: Sensory deprivation tanks—the latest cure-all?

By Staff

Last month The New York Times reported that sensory deprivation tanks are taking that city by storm—

“Could floating be on its way to becoming the new yoga or acupuncture: just the latest in a long line of once kooky-sounding wellness trends that have gone mainstream? Quite possibly.”

The point is relaxation. Slate writer Seth Stevenson described his float sessions as “so restful and meditative, I’d come out feeling like I’d ingested a cocktail of sedatives and ’shrooms.”

Physician and psychoanalyst John C. Lilly (most famous for his work fostering communication with dolphins) devised the first isolation tank in 1953. Today’s light- and soundproof pods contain skin-temperature water and 900 lbs. of epsom salt each. Floater-controled light and sound is often added. A session typically lasts one hour.

While creative types, meditators and people who really need to unwind can all benefit from the tanks, athletes are also big beneficiaries. The Dallas Cow­boys, Philadelphia Eagles and the Phillies float. So do the Ogden Mustangs hockey team. I-Float Sensations in Ogden, open since March 2014, is their “official float center.”

I-Float owner Keith Guetschow says football players who come in concussed, aching and bruised after a game are remarkably recovered after two 90-minute float sessions.

Guetschow’s spa has two pods. Rates for floating at the South Ogden spa are $69/hour. At the time of this writing, a one-hour float for first-time visitors is $49.

I-Float Sensations, 1490 E 5600 S, Suite 2, South Ogden. 801.888.6777.


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This article was originally published on January 12, 2016.